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December MCCC - Christmas Cheer!

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Hahaha! I loved Galaxy Stop in FFT. I was so sad when I found out that Olan/Orran would never join your party permanently...and so sad again when I found out that even by hacking him into your party, Starry Heaven only had the one skill. I was expecting a whole bevy of overpowered celestial mayhem there :P

Yarr... but then I discovered Meliadoul and Reis, so it was 'kay.

Also, I ate an orange. That may have helped as well.

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Espy Psyche

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Tazi, the Starlight Avenger (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2870898)

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tbh, i was thinking of ally vs enemy interaction, but one of the challenges decided was no auras
i felt no auras was kinda bland on its own, so i added the no self-targeted aoe. hopefully that makes it more interesting (though i feel its rather unpopular)

i would change naughty or nice if i get an ok from kaotics, but i haven't heard from him lately

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Personally would want to join as a judge... but the time at hand because i'm caught up with my part-time job is bad. Still seeing if I could make time for Nov MCCC to be thoroughly cleaned up before I make my call. I don't like judging leniently. If something ticks me, it ticks me.

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Ward VG



Are we allowed to enter more than one concept?

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Ward VG:
Are we allowed to enter more than one concept?

Technically yeu probably could... but honestly, why would yeu? It'd be extra work for the judges to go through, and since it's a competition, quantity is irrelevant. It's quality that wins it, and any time which is spent on two opposing designs would be wasted, and spent better on polishing and honing the one design to a shine instead.

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Celia, the Master Thief

AD Caster, Assassin, Melee

Lore: Celia grew up in Piltover and was always facinated by technology. Her father was a techmaturgical master that counted other masters like Corki and Corin Reveck as his peers and associates. Her mother on the other hand had been sick as long as she could remember, she almost never left the bed and when she did she never made it far before she would collapse from coughing. Her father would blame it her family history, her mother's mother had this lung disease too, but he promised Celia that she would never have to worry about this sickness that slowly cripples you by restricting how well you can breathe. She had always heard her friends talking about the horrible things that Zaun did, but her father always said "Different isn't bad, just because their methods are different from ours doesn't mean what they are doing is wrong."

She awoke too early one morning to shouting outside her house. She could see a crowd gather outside from her window and her father should in the doorway trying to quiet them. The crowd wanted to know why her father had recieved crates from Zaun. Some of them thought he had betrayed them and became a terrorist and was going to release poison gas in Piltover. The police arrived and dispersed the crowd, but even the police were eyeing him suspiciously. She walked down the stairs to her dad's basement and found him crying. He said he was trying to find a cure for the disease. He thought they might have helped, but now he was disowned by his own city. The next day her dad was found dead a few blocks away from their home. The case was swept under the rug, and closed for lack of evidence. Years past as she tried to make ends meet, but always ending up stealing to take care of her and her mother. At 19 her mother was checked into a hospital for constant care, and Celia moved to study in Zaun. She knew her father had to be right, and Zaun would have the cure. She combined both city's technology to try and find a cure for her mother, stealing what she needed to survive and learn. Nothing was working. One night studying in an old book, she began coughing. After the fit was done, she noticed blood on her hand. She knew her clock had started counting down. Her team would keep working on the cure, she would take the best Piltover and Zaun devices she had, she would go have some fun and make money to help them find a cure...


HP: 430 (+84)
HP Regen: 7.3 (+0.8)
MP: 262 (+39)
MP Regen: 6.65 (+.65)
Range: 125
AD: 49 (+3.2)
AS: 0.635 (+3.3%)
Armor: 16 (+3.1)
MR: 30 (+1.25)
MS: 350

Appearance: Dark red hair, pulled back in a low hanging pony tail except for some that falls down and frames her face. Light green short sleeved shirt that doesn't quite cover her stomache. Black shorts that end between mid thigh and knee. Brown belt that hangs loosely on her hips with pouches and sheathes for extra knives attached to it. Wears elbow length black gloves on her hands and black goggles rest just above her eyes. Wears black hextech boots that come almost up to her knee Uses a large curved knife held reverse grip.

Passive: Quick Witted – Celia's goggles help her be able to predict her opponents attacks and avoid them, she learns their fighting style by watching them which helps her anticipate their attacks. Celia dodges one enemy basic attack every 12 seconds. Each time attack she receives while this is on cooldown reduces the cooldown by 1 second. If Celia dodges an attack that would have had an on hit effect due to an item or an ability she ignores the effect.

Q – Cut Purse: Celia’s next attack deals bonus damage and steals some money for her team if she kills her target. Celia deals 30/40/50/60/70(+50% bonus AD) extra physical damage on her next basic attack. If Celia kills her target with this ability her and her team gain 1/2/3/4/5 extra gold. 12/11/10/9/8 second cooldown. 30/35/40/45/50 mana cost. Effect lasts 5 seconds or until she hits a target, does not go on cooldown until target is hit.

W – Piltover Pusher: Passive – Celia’s MS is increased by 6/12/18/24/30. (Originally was 2/4/6/8/10%, but with the new movement speed changes thought this might be too powerful. The numbers end up slightly less flat and won't scale up more with boots and stuff.)

Active: Celia uses her hextech boots to quickly dash to or from enemies. Any enemies hit are knocked back slightly and take damage. Enemies take 70/105/140/175/210 (+80% bonus AD) physical damage and are pushed to the side as she dashes past them. 18/16/14/12/10 second cooldown. 50/55/60/65/70 mana cost

This ability has about the same range and effect area as Shen’s taunt. Has targeting style of Shen and Riven’s dashes.

E – Zaunite Gas Bombs: Celia throws a bomb at targeted area releasing gas into the air to linger for 4 seconds. Any enemy is blinded while in the cloud and is poisoned for 3 seconds dealing 18/30/42/54/66 (+10% Bonus AD) magic damage each second. Any ally in the cloud gains 15% MS for 2 seconds and 6/10/14/18/22(+ Celia's Bonus armor and magic resist) armor and MR for 3 seconds. 800 Range. Cloud has a 350 radius. 13 second cooldown. 60/65/70/75/80 mana cost. Continued exposure to the cloud refreshes duration of effects.

R – Exploding Knives: Passive – Every 9 seconds Celia's basic attack becomes a ranged attack with 400 range and deals 20/40/60 extra physical damage. Every 25/22/20 seconds Celia gains a charge of Exploding Knives, her auto attacks reduce this time by 1 second, and hitting with an ability reduces it by 5 seconds. Maximum charges of Exploding Knives is 3/4/5. Of each charge of Exploding Knives the timer needed to trigger the ranged attack by 1 second. This ultimate’s active does not count toward decreasing the amount to time needed to gain a charge.

Active: Celia throws one of her knives at an enemy champion dealing damage and after 1.5 seconds exploding and stunning the initial target and damaging nearby enemies. Uses 1 charge per knife thrown. Can activate this ability again during the 1.5 seconds to automatically throw additional knives at nearby enemies and trigger the same effects on additional enemies. Enemy cannot be hit by multiple knives, consumes a charge for each enemy in range. Target hit by knives takes 80/100/120(+40% Bonus AD) physical damage and after 1.5 seconds the knife explodes dealing 80/115/150 (+50% Bonus AD) to all enemies in a 250 radius. Any enemies hit by a knife are stunned for 1 second when they explode. If the first throw misses, a charge is consumed and ability is put on a 10 second cooldown. If the ability is not reactivated within the 1.5 seconds this ability is put on a 10 second cooldown. Range 900. Skillshot. Reactivation range 550. 80/90/100 mana cost. 30 second cooldown.

Special hidden effects:

If Celia kills Caitlyn her team gets 1 extra gold for each Cut Purse kill and Celia's maximum charges of Exploding Knives increases by 1.

If Caitlyn kills Celia, she gains 10 bonus AD and requires 1 less auto attack to trigger headshot.

Neither effect will become active until after both Celia and Caitlyn are above lvl 16 and requirements are met. Effects last until the end of the game.

League Judgement:

Celia walked confidently into the Great Hall. She was always on the lookout for her next bit of gold, but nothing in here peaked her fancy. She had developed a reputation over the past 3 years for going for the impossible. The harder it was to steal the more money she could get for it. There have been things she stole just for the fun of it, but the majority of her profits would be sent back to cure the cough she knew would end her life, just like it had her mother's last year. She tried to shut these thoughts out as she walked the hall. The giant ornate doors loom in front of her, she glances at the inscription above the doors and sets down the large bag she had been carrying. She shakes her head at the words on the arch, opens the doors and walks into the darkness.

She was running as fast as she could, that idiot copy-cat had mucked things up for her again. At first she thought he was a godsend because he had botched a job early and they were after him for all her crimes, but now he was just making everything much more troublesome. She had gotten the helmet she was after, but he was there this time and he caught that woman's eye. Caitlyn was always her favorite toy, she would let her get a couple steps closer then pull away. Celia had made sure the sheriff had never seen her close enough to warrant a second look. She had to kill him before they caught him, that would end the game of cat and mouse she had enjoyed so much over the past few years.

Celia pulled out her knife and cut the dress around her legs so she could run faster. The daft noble she had been flirting with had looked surprised when she ran off down the street. She had easily taken his coin purse while he was distracted. She was cursing to herself for joining the crowd of nobles around the Artificer's Guild that were waiting to see them helm, even tho it was supposed to be a secret arrival, she had worn the dress to fit in and to watch as they found out what she had taken. Now it was just slowing her down. Her overconfidence made her sloppy. She was also missing her belt where she kept most of her items for a heist. She was down to the bare minimum's, her grandfather's knife he received when he the military, her goggles, a single gas bomb, and her Pushers.

Sprinting up some stairs outside one of the buildings, she kept an eye on the other rooftops to see if she could find her mark. She saw the idiot that was dressed as one of the security officers and took off in his direction. She also saw the giant hat that sheriff always wore coming out of a stairwell behind him. She threw one of her bombs ahead of her and inhaled the vapors it released, she would need the necessary speed to catch him in time. She looked for Caitlyn and saw her lining up a shot, she had to be faster. A second later she was 20 feet away from him and she stomped the heel of her boot and activated her dash. Another second ticked by and she knew Caitlyn was about to fire. Another second and she had him, but there was nowhere to land, they were over a ledge and falling. She managed to catch a piece of railing and ran through a nearby door, trying to quiet her breathing.

Overhead she heard the poor sheriff cursing that her target had gotten away, that somehow her shot had missed him. No doubt she would spend the rest of the coming weeks tinkering with that gun of hers to fix that targeting issue. Celia looked back at the man she had grabbed. He couldn't have been more older than 30. Older than her and sloppier too. She had done her homework on this one. Knew he was an orphan that had lucked out and gotten in with the right crowd of thieves, they had trained him, but again it was all luck. He should have been caught years ago, but always slipped through the cracks. He had tried honing his skills and had gotten better, but he wasn't as good as her. This heist he knew she couldn't pass up so he had come all this way in order to see how the master works. She wasn't about to let him mess things up for her again.

She pulled out her knife as the man looked at her with fear in his eyes, mouth hanging open, knowing was about to happen. She had killed before, it had bothered her before, she didn't want any more children growing up with parents if she could help it, but this one had none. Next would come the begging for his life, asking her why she had saved him only to kill him now, it was a routine for his types.

"Why do you want to join the League?" he said, fear still deep in his eyes. It surprised her, why this question?

"I - I, what.." Then she started to cough, they were coming more and more these days. She could taste blood on her lips.

"Why do you want to join the League, Celia?" The dark room started to fade away as the man stood up and looked at her.

Now she remembered. She knew what to say. "I don't want the game to end. It ends when I die, I'm not ready for the game to be over. It's too much fun."

The man smiled at her, "How does it feel, exposing your mind?"

She held back another cough and said, "Its new, I'm not used to people knowing my plans. You know what I want from you then don't you?"

The man's smile faded slightly, "You want a cure, we don't bargain for League admission. You will not make demands of us."

"But you also know what I can bring, I give your people my private collection. Think of the prestige you will gain for returning the original Demacian crown, only four people even knew it was missing before you got in my head. General Du Couteau's sword, the 2nd draft of the Kinkou Order Scrolls, and a few other objects that would not go unnoticed diplomatically. You accept me, and find my cure, and all this is yours."

The man faded completely and she was left alone in the dark. "Agreed, we will help find your cure. How long do you need to deliver the items? We will not begin until we have them."

"They are right outside the doors, shall I give them to you personally?"

She heard a laugh fade from the darkness as she turned to walk towards the doors. She knew they would agree, she stifled another set of coughs, and wiped the blood from her lips with the back of her hand. She hadn't had a fit this bad in weeks. "This better not happen everytime you robes do this."

She picked up the bag and walked up the nearby stairs to deliver her admittance fees.

Editz: Stats, lore, changed abilities, need input on Piltover Pusher MS changes.

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saving a spot

work in progress
Kush, the Master of Flow


Piltover is the most developed city state in Valoran -- and with technological advances comes a population with a large deal of free time. Now Kush was just a youngster in Piltover, and like most others, he had a ton of free time. One day, in his boredom, he had a daydream. A daydream of the Based God and his other rhythmically inclined apostles. The Based God taught Kush about the way of rap, weed, and "hitting a lick" of other peoples' stuff. Understanding the message of the Based God, Kush practiced his beats, his "flavor", and most importantly, his flow.

Within time, listening to rap became one of the most popular pastimes of the citizens of Piltover. To further improve his creativity, Kush went on a trip into the heart of the Runeterran jungles. There, he would find a plant that would later be known in Valoran as "kush", after the discoverer of the plant. He gathered a large amount of "kush", dried it, and smoked it under a waterfall. In these 3 days under the waterfall, smoking all the while, he understood what the Based God was trying to teach him. Being enlightened to his path, he returned to Piltover, bringing some seeds of "kush" back.

Kush would eventually be recognized as "the Master of Flow," and all other aspiring rappers came to him to learn about flow. Years later, Kush returned to the jungle in which he was enlightened.... or what remained of it. Singed had passed through this jungle and all the noxious fumes had killed the trees, the brush, and most importantly, the kush. After smoking a few joints, Kush had made a resolution. He would bring justice to the fool who had destroyed the kush. And so, he joined the League of Legends.

Innate: Roll a Joint

Every 10 seconds, Kush rolls a joint. Every time he uses an ability, he consumes a joint. Kush cannot use standard abilities without having at least one joint. Kush gains bonus effects depending on the number of joints he currently has.

3- no effect
2- Base cooldowns reduced by 1 second (does not affect passive)
1- Base cooldowns reduced by an additional 1 second
0- Rolling another joint takes half the time.

This ability is not affected by CDR.

Fulfills need for ammo system (and effects based on different amounts of ammo)
Kush uses joints as a resource system. He is manaless.

Q: Puffing All Day

Puffs up a big cloud in a line. Enemies the cloud passes through get dealt damage and dance for a duration.

Damage: 60/95/130/165/200 (+ 0.5 AP) magic damage
Dance duration: 1.5 seconds
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Range: 1000

W: Pass a Joint

Leaves a joint on the ground. Reveals area for a brief duration. Enemies that pass within 150 radius of the joint have an intense desire to smoke it, making them dance and revealing them for a duration.

Dance duration: 1.5 seconds
Reveal duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown: 17/15/13/11/9 seconds
Range: 550

fulfills need for generosity (he's sharing his joints)\

E: Flow Resonance

Smokes a blunt, allowing Kush to affect the inner flow of allies or enemies. Deals damage and slows enemies, heals allies.

(vector skillshot, think Viktor Death Ray or Rumble ult)

Damage/heal: 70/110/150/190/230 (+ 0.5 AP) (magic damage)(heal)
Slow: 30/35/40/45/50% for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds
Cooldown: 13 seconds all levels
Range of initial vector: 1000
Range of skillshot from the vector point: 600

Fulfills requirement for affecting enemies and allies differently

R: Freestylin'

(no joint necessary for this skill) Places Kush and a target enemy champion in stasis for 3 seconds, and both enter "Freestyle mode" for the duration. In Freestyle mode, both players play a minigame similar to "Beatmania" for the duration using their QWER keys. Whoever hits notes most accurately (most hits/least misses) wins "Freestyle mode." Depending on if Kush is the winner or the enemy is the winner, effects differ.

If Kush wins freestyle mode: Enemy champion is stunned for 1.5 seconds. Kush gains movement speed and a slowing effect to his basic attacks for 8 seconds.

If enemy champion wins freestyle mode: Enemy champion is immune to CC and damage for 2.5 seconds and gains movement speed for 8 seconds.

Movement speed increase (Kush or enemy): 20/25/30%
Stun (Kush): 1.5 seconds all ranks
Slowing effect (Kush): 30/35/40%
CC and damage immunity (enemy champion): 2.5 seconds all ranks
Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds
Range: 650

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NA Rukhron

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Yalirin, the Knight Initiate


Once upon a time there was a little yordle who loved fairy tales called Yalirin. She was small even amongst the pint-sized people of Bandle City and was often viewed as meek and gullible. Yalirin ended up being often found on the losing end of the pranks, regardless of the fact most yordles actually held her dear due to her cheerful and sharing nature. Yalirin always looked up to the yordle champions in the league dreaming of being a hero herself, but she was viewed as clumsy and cloistered within the safety of the city. In fact Yalirin failed to apply to every combat force in Bandle city – inept and anxious, unfit for battle, she was branded – but this did not stop her. One day Yarilin slipped past her “overly-concerned” friends and went alone to the forests, obviously getting herself lost. She wandered alone until she had not a single clue of where she was and by the whimsies of fate stumbled on the humble tomb of a long lost adventurer. There she found a specially long spear; as she set her eyes upon it, shining brightly and good as new, she was sure it was no other thing but magical. Yarilin begun to play around with it pretending to be a hero, until she slipped down a slope into a den of might beasts.

As she stood and noticed the growling beast surrounding her she was filled with fear. As the first of the beast advanced to her she curled behind the spear, and as she heard the claws strikes the shaft she swept the spear scared, knocking the beasts away. She tried to run for it but couldn’t climb up the slope fast enough, however as she looked back to the beasts from upper ground she no longer felt so small and meek. Yarilin leaped back into the fighting them with all the courage she could harness. Believing it was her moment, the trial of the hero, just like the stories, Yarilin fought fiercely for the first time; by the end of the fight Yarilin was found by the others, who were immediately impressed – Yarilin had defeated a whole pack of highly prized beasts by herself and with poor equipments and provisions and returned Bandle city as the winner of the Great Hunt. This unknown girl defeating the yordle champions of the league in this traditional competition caught the attention of the Institute of War who immediately called upon her for evaluation. Yarilin travelled to the Institute with her mind set in giving up the invitation, shamed that her “great feat” was because she had found a powerful magic spear, just to be surprised by the summoners stating it was “just a very well crafted spear made of great materials”

“Trouble is easier wielded with dream inside your heart” – translated from ancient inscriptions in the spear shaft.


Knightly Gratitude
For every 5 gold you earn you gain 1 more stack of "Treasure". (This includes the 475(525) starting gold; 95(105) starting "Treasure&quot
Whenever you get out alive of any combat with enemy champions you went below 20% health grants up to 60 gold to all allies who healed or shielded you or who inflicted any crowd control effect to an enemy that targeted you with basic attacks or spells during that combat (Doesn’t work if you don’t take damage or is afflicted by crowd control at least once in the combat), split amongst them.
Additionally allies who assist you in a kill get up to 100 gold split amongst them.
Granting gold through "Knightly Gratitude" consumes thrice as much from your "Treasure"; every time you grant gold it is split evenly among those who'll receive (If the ammount can't be divided evenly the surplus is converted back into "Treasure&quot.

Passive: While dashing, jumping, being pulled, pushed or knocked airborne gains 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 bonus armor and magic resist.
Active: Dashes toward target area and stick your spear at the center of it dealing a small knock-up to those within and start a pole vault. You can recast to cancel, dropping to the ground earlier. Does 100 / 145 / 190 / 235 / 280 (+1*AP) magic damage and 80% movement speed slow for 2 seconds to all enemies in the area you land.
Cooldown: 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8
Range is similar to arcane shift but you select the point where you'll stick your spear. Aiming for maximum range it's as big as Tristana's Rocket jump if you perform the entire pole vault.

Shy Guard / Feared Strike:
Passive: Shy Guard / Feared Strike cooldown starts counting after Shy Guard is cast, regardless if Feared Strike is cast at all and its cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds whenever a spell is cast near you, including spells cast during Shy Guard.
Shy Guard: Hides behind your spear and becomes untargetable to enemies for 1.25 seconds. Feared Strike becomes available to cast for the duration.
Feared Strike: Ends shy guard and swing your spear in a cone dealing 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+0.8*Bonus AD) physical damage to enemies and pushing away all of slowing them. For the next 4 seconds grants bonus 40% movement speed while moving away from any enemy.

Cooldown: 24 / 21 / 18 / 15 / 12
Area of feared strike is similar to Kassadin's Force Pulse

Heroic Deeds:
Passive: Gains a 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+0.5*AP) damage shield for 4 seconds and your next hit within 4 seconds will knock up the enemy for 1 second after Heroic Deeds successfully targets a champion.
Active: Charges toward a target dealing 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140 (+1*AD) physical damage if it is an enemy or granting it a 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+0.5*AP) damage shield for 4 seconds if it is an ally.

Cooldown: 6 seconds
Range is 700

Fell the Giants:
Strikes an enemy with your spear dealing 100/ 150 / 200 (+1.5*AD) (+12 / 16 / 20% of enemy maximum health) physical damage to both penetrating and reducing 25% of their armor by for 4 seconds. This enemy is unable to affect you with crowd controls for the duration of the armor shred. Fell the Giants applies on-hit effects.

Cooldown: 100 / 90 / 80 seconds
Range is 250


Attack Power
Defense Power
Ability Power
  • Health: 530 – 2060 (440+90*Level)
  • Health per 5: 9.6 – 19.8 (9+0.6*Level)
  • Mana: 300 – 1065 (255+0.45*Level)
  • Mana per 5: 6 – 17,9 (5.3+0.7*Level)
  • Attack Damage: 59 – 118.5 (55.5+3.5*Level)
  • Ability Power: 0 (no progression)
  • Attack Speed: 0,71829 – 1,13122 (0.694+3.5%*Level)
  • Armor: 21.5 – 81 (18+3.5*Level)
  • Magic Resist: 30 (no progression)
  • Movement Speed: 350 (no progression)
  • Range: 200 (melee) (no progression)


A Yordle with blue skin and white hair, which can be seen in the ponytail that goes down the back of her helmet and a little bit over her forehead; she is slightly smaller than other yordles.
Something between battle regalia Poppy and little knight Amumu, when it comes to chestplate and arms, but is a little more lightweight and movement-friendly; it has a sturdy metal belt over a leather girdle somewhat adapted for running and jumping and metal greaves over a sturdy leather boots. She dons a green cape.
Yarilin’s Spear:
Thrice longer than Yarilin’s height this deep brown wooden spear has golden adornments and a very clean silvered blade. Structurally speaking it resembles a Partisan. Through long the shaft shows some flexibility when pole-vaulting.
Yarilin’s Helmet:
Slightly bigger than Yarilin’s head this helmet is a bit loose. It protects the entire had, but has the face open in a fat T shape (mostly not covering face).

Spells Animations & Sounds:

Knightly Gratitude:
Yarilin may say “Thank you, oh fine squire” or some other compliments as she gives gold to her savior. 3 gold coins spin around champions that receives gold before merging into him/her.

Yarilin falls sitting after pole-vaulting in a somewhat clumsy-but-cute way. In addition to the impact sound, a small “ouch” can be heard as she lands on her butt.

Shy Guard:
With spear held straight upward and brought near to body Yarilin stay hugs it with her eyes closed.
Feared Strike:
Yarilin strikes in an arc with a somehow scared scream. While running with the bonus movement from Feared Strike Yarilin will perform a slightly chibi-style run with her arms wide open and without flexing her legs as they move back and forward.
Heroic Deeds:
Pretty traditional dash with spear straight forward and an “Yaaa!” when attacking champions afterwards.

Fell the Giants:
Yarilin strikes with everything she got while turning her head away and screaming. Afterwards she looks back to her target with a brave expression as she returns to battle stance.

Overall Yarilin looks clumsy, cute, girly, scared, dreamer and shows glimpses of bravery

Special animation:
Yarilin helmet is loose and may move with her spells or critical strikes and /laugh command (chance to happen), she immediately shakes her head or use one of her hand to get the helmet straight without increasing the animation time.

They said I was clumsy back home, but you... oh dear...

Someday I'll have a castle too!... through right now I'd love to afford a fine steed.


Skin Suggestion: Ingenious Yarilin de la Bandle City (yup, Don Quixote based skin - portraying that traditional spanish helmet)

Yarilin and the Challenges:
Christmas Cheer:
Knightly Gratitude: She gives gold (that she appears to be saving for a fairy tale style castle )
Naughty or Nice:
Heroic Deeds: Different effects regarding allies and enemies
Entire Kit: No self centered AoE and no aura.
That big old sack!:
Knightly Gratitude: Uses ammo system "Treasure". Unlike other ammo systems "Treasure" has no cap and no auto-generation, needing to be farmed through acquiring gold.

Yarilin is a melee Carry/Assassin that specializes in mobility and damage diversion. She has strong damage through spells to back-up her lack of steroids and can strike down damage soakers with ease through "Fell the Giants" without fearing their crowd controls.

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I haven't heard from kaotics at all, so actually, im going to change naught or nice a bit
im going to add a requirement of 1 skill that has a different effect on allies and enemies

Sorry, if i screw up anyone's current champion, but the no aura/aoe is an odd thing, and im adding the extra part now so it has a smaller impact than if i had done it later

Have fun!