Spud the Daring Earthmover

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Here is a champion concept i thought i had to share with you guys. I enjoy creating different things in games i play like champions in LoL or bosses in lets say WoW.

I am not a lore freak so i would appreciate it if you guys help me with it.

Spud is a yordle who is related to rumble in some kind of way. Like rumble he rides a vehicle that helps him battle his enemies.

Lore: Need your help wtih this. (Points to be taken: )

  1. 1) Rumbles Cousin
  2. 2) Works in a profession of digging
  3. 3) Competitive


Passive: (Sand Trap) Each Time Spud uses and ability a pile of soil is left on the ground. Every time an enemy champion step on it, they get slowed. Slowed enemies passing through another pile of soil falls in one and get rooted for 2 seconds. Max 3 Rumbled Soil. Last for 3 seconds.

Ability 1: (Splash) Fires a cone of dirt in front of him using his screw damaging and blinding all enemies in front of him for 2/3/4/5 seconds. If used in the River the targets are slowed by 99% that decays over 2 seconds.

Ability 2: (Follow my lead) Passive: His swirly weapon clears the path increasing Spuds and his allies by 2%/5%/10% if they are walking behind him.

Ability 3: (Impale-Driver) The third consecutive attack to the same target impales the enemy for 0.5/1/2/3 seconds and slow them down for 2 seconds.

Ability 4 [Ultimate]: (Dive) Spud dives into the ground for 7 seconds becoming untargatable. Gaining 50% movement speed. Knocking up enemies that he walks under. This ability gets canceled when he knocks up an enemy.

Tell me guys what do you think? Give me feedback

Some simple imagery of my concept. http://i.imgur.com/8BsiM.jpg

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Taco the Dragon

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Passive: A little op, 2 seconds is a bit long.

Splash: VERY op. Worse than Teemo, blind should last no more than 2 seconds at most.

Follow My Lead: I'm guessing it's referring to move speed. It's a bit under powered, the buff could be stronger.

Impale Driver: Every 3rd attack impales for 3 seconds? That will be mad over powered.

Dive: Good, I like this ability, it's like Naut's ut, just it's more controlled.