Disconnected from Ranked

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I just got disconnected (again) this time during a Ranked game... I dont know what the actual problem is.

All i know its that now im getting reported, Why? Cause i tried to re-log into de the game, but i cant, cause its updating for the next 2 hours aparently... and this, THIS is wrong, its just not fair.

Why would you people do this? why would you not let US decide when we want to update? Its already a problem that the game gets bugued so much, that the window shuts down, that i depend on my luck to live when the Attempting to Reconnect banner appears

I just want to play without having to worry about getting bugued. Or more importantly, of being denied access to re-log into my game.

I trust this woke you up. Thank you for reading. And if you have any control over this, please make sure i dont get banned for this.. please...