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Should Riot add mouse wheel scrolling to the menus?

Absolutely yes!! this is the best idea ive seen all day! 2 100%
I laugh at you and your need to make using the menus faster or easier! 0 0%
Yaaawn... Boring! 0 0%
Wait!? what you can scroll down on the menus!? MIND BLOWN 0 0%
Voters 2 .

Options Menu: Please add mousewheel scrolling.

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Junior Member


Im really hoping this has just been something that was overlooked and not something that is actually hard to do for some bizarre (coding) reason. I often switch between regular casting and smart casting and its a little thing but as something i continue to have use it will be one little thing that Riot can do to eliminate one(granted minor) frustration. Possible other fix would be to put all of the cast key configs at the top(regular, smart, self would be my preferred order) so i dont have to scroll at all