Elo hell?

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I use to be 500 elo and even started season three 1/6 and I'm now 40/31 with 1211 elo, i use to think i was a bad elo because of elo hell and now i know it's just because i was bad
I started learning how to really play, i played 2 champs over and over and over, Olaf and Wu kong, so my advice is
# 1 don't jump from champ to champ :P even when i got countered i was able to win top,

# 2 learn how to team fight<---don't die in the first 3 sec, build tanky, you will find that you do more dps tanky then building all dps

# 3 farm

# 4 farm, really it's that important, CS>KILLS

#5 play wu kong, build armor pen and hit R jk but it worked for me!

anyways this is how i pulled myself out of elo hell, i hope it helps you too! GGS