1900s LF Team to win Tournament By Friday for Diana Skin

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So this Diana Skin came out today at like 487 RP. I want it but I don't want to use real money. How do the pros do it? They pretend to be pro gramers, making a career out of streaming, and fame whoring the shiznit out of reddit ... not for the money. No! Noooo nonno. They do it for the skins. THE SKINSSSS. I'm on to you Salce.

I want a team and win a tournament with them before this Friday when the sale is over. I expect my teammates to find this tournament, because I have no clue. I don't expect to practice at all with you guys, because with me on the team, anyone is good enough. Koreans just need to friend request me and u're in.

I fill all roles so come with whatever baggage. PLS.
My main is Vogyn and they call me da best.