1200 Jungler LF Ranked 5's team/duo.

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I've got jungling down to a science. Can also Mid and ADC as a backup.

I play jungle in ranked primarily. Favorite characters include Lee Sin, Skarner, Olaf, and Shen (when my team is well-built). I can also play Malphite and Amumu.

1200 Elo. 66% win/loss ratio in ranked with Lee Sin, after 18 matches. 50% with Olaf, 14 matches.

Great time availability thursday-sunday. Booked on Tuesdays.

I play often. I play hard. I take ranked very seriously and I'm willing to sacrifice on my behalf for the team. I have a wide selection of characters, which makes me good for switching pre-game. I'm a great counter-jungler. I can secure your ADC for you, or switch around for better countering. I've got great map awareness and I work well with almost any team comp given my roster.