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@Riot: A punishment for DC and compensation for his teammates

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As we all know DC's makes a game not fun at all (for his allies), and making all his allies lose elo as if they lost the game normally is simply unfair. The current leavebuster system will give a 1 day suspension to players who DC/AFK for a straight five games or so, but it does not in any way compensate for the loss of the players who were on the DCer's team, and it is not a strong enough incentive for players to make sure he have the time and hardware to complete a game before starting one.

Many players have suggested solutions such as splitting gold or give bonus stats to the rest of the team. However I think it is impossible to balance a 4v5 game in any fashion, and these type of solutions will create issues if the DCer come back at some point. Therefore I propose this solution on ranked games:

If a player DC for longer than 10min, allow the team to throw a special DC-surrender. This surrender can happen before 20min, and it will cause the DCer to lose three times elo while the rest of the team loses half.
For example, if elo loss is -12 for everone normally, DCer would lose -36 while everyone else lose -6. The winning team gain +12 normally.
The DCer is punished as above regardless if he comes back at some point or not, as long as the game is DC-surrendered or lost.
If the team decide to continue 4v5 and eventually lose, the same result would happen.
If the team decide to 4v5 and the game is won, the 4 teammates would gain +12, DCer lose -36.
If the DCer comes back and the game is won, everyone get +12 and no punishment for the DCer.

I believe this system will provide a better incentive for players to make sure he can finish a game before starting one, at the same time provide a meaningful compensation for the victims of the DC, and give them the choice of play on or end the game. Also, it will drop the frequent DCers further down without taking everyone else with them, and prevent them from showing up again at the same spot unless he improves his behavior.