[Champion Concept ver. 2.0] Shia, The Void's Timid Doppel

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Originally Posted by Quick Overview of Shia
~ Shia was designed first and foremost with her lore. The champion and abilities came after, built around the lore. This is instead of creating a champion with a specific role in mind, and then creating the lore.
~ Shia is not a pet champion, but a proxy champion. (Explained on her Ultimate: Doppelganger)
~ Mentioned above, Shia acts as two champions in one, with a Main body and a Doppel body.
~ Shia's main body is given no damaging abilities, but a handful of CC moves. Using this body, she plays a ranged keep away. Her main body is used for setting up her ultimate. The main body only has one active ability and two passives.
~ Shia's Ultimate: Doppelganger, Shia's main body becomes rooted to the spot and she summons her doppel body to target location. This doppel is tethered to her main body. You must choose where you summon the doppel carefully as you can only move within its range.
~ Shia's doppel is what really defines her role. As the doppel, Shia is a melee AD carry that can also be used as an melee AD bruiser. All of her damage abilities are here, with a gap closer, nuke, and shield.
~ Because of Shia's Ultimate, Doppelganger, she requires set up and strategy. When using her ultimate, your only escape is proper placement for when you deactivate it.
~ No matter the role that you chose to play Shia in, she is built using AP. So AP carry items and AP bruiser items are purchased, but everything Shia deals is physical (reasoning explained below).
I realize this is a second posting here of the same champion, but I wanted to completely reformat how I posted Shia, as I realize that some people may not want to download a PDF to read (thought I still believe that is much easier to read). So I will now attempt to place my (now 10 page) PDF in a forum friendly format, still starting with the lore as I believe that is most important since it is where Shia began.


Originally Posted by 0. Lore
Shia, The Void's Timid Doppel

There is a place between worlds. Some refer to it as The Outside or just The Unknown. While the Void is known by many different names, there is one thing that all the stories have in common, the horrors that can be found within. Things that can corrupt the hearts and minds of men. Powers that can tear apart the very soul.

As soon as Shia was born within the Void, she fell through a rift, tumbling onto the surface of Runeterra. Having fallen so soon after coming into existence, Shia's soul had yet to be twisted by the Void. She wandered across Valoren, eventually settling in a quiet forest. Shia found that she enjoyed moonlit nights, and often wandered into the fields nearby when the moon was exceptionally bright. She sat perched on a stone one such night, contentedly watching the full moon, when suddenly she heard a voice from behind. Startled, she fell off her seat and quickly scrambled to the opposite side of the stone. Peering around the stone’s edge, she saw a small girl smiling. Confused, Shia retreated to her forest. Shia returned to the field on the next full moon, only to find the girl sitting on her stone. Upon hearing footsteps, the girl quickly turned her head. With a smile, the girl waved for Shia to come to her. Not sensing any hostility, Shia cautiously approached. The girl spoke of herself and her town. Shia soon found herself sitting near the girl, listening raptly. The girl told Shia that she liked to wander into the fields as there were no other children in her town. As the moon began to set, the girl got tired and headed home. Shia was relieved that nothing terrible had happened, decided to put the incident behind her and continued her moon viewing.

The moon was at its brightest the next few days. The girl happily awaited Shia at the stone. They spent their time gazing at the moon or chasing the fireflies that littered the field like stars. When the moon waned, the girl ceased to visit. To Shia’s relief, she returned when the moon waxed. The girl taught Shia some lullabies in-between stories of the village. Shia grew accustomed to the girl’s company and eagerly awaited the next time she could see her.

One night, they sat so long the girl fell asleep. Shia worried about leaving the girl alone and decided to carry her home. Shia saw a nervous couple on the town’s outskirts. Having known but one human who treated her kindly, Shia approached them without fear, hoping that they knew where the girl lived. She was met with a different response. They were actually the girl’s parents. On seeing Shia, they yelled for help and villagers poured out of their houses brandishing various farming tools. Shia dropped the girl and ran for her life. She ran into her forest, further and deeper than she had ever gone before. Scared and confused, Shia wondered what she had done to elicit the town’s people’s animosity. She only wanted to return her friend home. In the heart of the forest, Shia came across a small lake. Out of breath, she stopped running and quenched her thirst. The air and the lake were still. As she reached out with her hands to scoop up some water, she saw herself for the first time.

Her eyes widened as she saw a stark difference between what she saw looking at the girl versus herself on the mirrored surface. While Shia had the shape of a young girl, her body seemed to be a mass of shadows and energy. She had never thought about it before, but now realized that she was inhuman. Still, Shia longed to see her friend again, but never again did the girl appear. With the heavy heart of losing her only friend, Shia cried herself to sleep that night and her feelings brought forth a surge of power. There was a beautiful maiden before her when she woke. Tall, elegant, and in a white dress, she was everything Shia was not. Bewildered, she raised her hand toward the stranger and the stranger responded in kind. As their hands touched, she realized that the woman was not human, but herself… born from within her.

Shia was able to create a doppelganger in the form of a beautiful human woman. Armed with a new way to interact with people, she set off to find another town. She discovered one on the other side of the forest, hid herself in the shadows, and brought forth her doppel. She was delighted to find that people’s reactions to her were favorable. Men seemed to be captivated by her charm and women reacted warmly to her. Shia lived through her doppel for many years. As herself, she was shy and afraid of how people would treat her if they knew what she really was, but as her doppel, she had confidence and a vibrant personality that attracted all those around. The longer this went on, the more embarrassed she was of her true self and wished that her doppel was her only self.

As Shia grew more comfortable in her new home, she learned social etiquette and dance. The townsfolk enjoyed Shia’s company, allowing her to organize a monthly dance and moon-gazing party. At one of these dances, the town came under a Noxian attack. Most of the townsfolk knew not how to fight. Not wanting to lose her home or her friends, Shia rushed off to defend the town. The Noxian invasion force was small as they did not expect resistance from a minor town with no allies. She pulled two rune covered swords from the shadows and dispatched them with ease.

Whether it was coincidence or fate, Kassadin, the Void Walker, was in the area. It may have been the way Shia fought with inhuman strength, or the power of the Void that Kassadin instinctively felt in her, he approached Shia. With full intent to terminate the voidborn, Kassadin raised his blade. To his surprise, Shia let out a stifled shriek and returned her doppel. What was left in front of Kassadin was not the danger he had thought. Instead a small, frightened child, who while clearly wasn’t human, had dropped her weapons and stood in front of him. Kassadin, looking around took note that Shia was not attacking the town, but defending it and decided to stay his blade until he’d heard her story.

Over the course of the night and well into the next day, Shia relayed her story to Kassadin. While he was still wary of voidborn, he could not sense any form of danger coming from Shia. Kassadin became interested in how a voidborn could be free of the Void’s sway and noted Shia’s desire to become human. Kassadin asked her to join the League and help him fight against the Void. There he would not only gain an ally, but may glean how Shia’s mind naturally kept the Void’s influence over her at bay. As an incentive, Kassadin mentioned that while Shia was guarding her home, they could look together for a way for her to become human.

Shia joined Kassadin in the League to fight the unknown horrors of the Void, in hopes of one day becoming a human and protecting her small town.


0. Lore (above)
1. Visual Description
2. Quick Breakdown of Abilities
3. Base Stats

4a. Passive: Self-conscious
4b. Q: Stay Away! / Waltz in the Light
4c. W: Veil of Shadow / Aegis Severer
4d. E: Flow of the Unseen / Mirrored Retaliation
4e. R: Doppelganger

~ Recommended to read the ultimate, Doppelganger, first to better understand Shia's other abilities.

~ Each section (other than the lore) has a long list of explanations and thoughts listed below them like this.

Three PDF's attached at the end. One is Shia's concept after 15hrs of work, the second is after 33hrs of work and third is after 42hrs of work. This is for easier reading and if you wanted to see what was changed during the creation and balancing process of Shia up to that point.

~ The PDF's are now out of date, with changes to values on many of the abilities.

Originally Posted by 1. Visual Description
Main Body:
With the shape and size of young girl, if Shia was human, you would think her to be 10 years old. Her 3’ 5” petite frame is pitch black as it is actually a mass of the Void’s energy combined with shadows. With hair made of the same substance as her body, it flows in waves down to her waist. The only part of her that isn’t shadowy black is her eyes. They are slightly larger than a human’s and share the color of brilliant purple amethysts. In her main body, Shia tries to keep her foes at a distance. Thus, she uses long range auto-attacks. When attacking, she raises a hand outstretched in front of her eyes with her palm upright, alternating hands with each attack. Instead of seeing a projectile fly at the enemy, their shadow darkens to completely black and congeals to a circle shape below the enemy champion. Afterward it spikes upward, stabbing the enemy. It leaves no projectile trail, as she attempts to shy away, trying to hide her presence.

Doppel Body:
Elegant and graceful, Shia’s doppel stands at 5’ 9” tall. With long straight golden hair, as soft as silk, flows down to her waist, the only thing that resembles Shia’s original body is the amethyst color of her eyes. Normally seen in a simple, yet long, elegant white dress. Using her doppel body, Shia became a proficient swordsman. Shia wields a longsword with her right and a shortsword with her left. With the connections she formed, Shia obtained these two powerful artifacts. The short sword is imbued with protective runes that can fend of the mightiest blows. Looks like a piece of decoration, colored in gold with the faint glow of blue from the runes. The long sword is etched in runes used to rend armor and shields in two. It is longer and thinner than the standard longsword and of a brilliant silver with a light glow of red from the runes. Able to wield these two weapons with ease as her body is made from the power of the Void, she dances gracefully around her foes, always with a playful smile.
~ Description of how they look instead of a picture as I’m not sure I could bring justice to my thoughts. Mainly because I’ve not drawn anything in about 4-5 years I think. (I really should start again…) I do have ideas on how Shia would look making all sorts of different facial expressions and what the abilities would look like, but it would take me a very long time to draw it, as I would most likely need to teach myself the basics again.

~ Because I’m sure it will be brought up after being placed on the forums, but no, I did not envision Shia’s doppel to have large breasts like Ahri and Sona. Nor was she intended to be a washboard either. She is supposed to be elegant without being over the top. So maybe more like a B-cup? Her dress itself is supposed to be flowing but simple. No big amounts of lace or anything fancy of that sort. Back on Ahri and Sona, they are two of my favorite champions in both design and I really enjoy playing as them. I envisioned Shia’s doppel’s face to look as beautiful as theirs.

On the appearance of her main body, while she is comprised of shadows and the energy of the void, she does not have fumes coming out of her body. It is all well contained unto its form, though you may be seeing swirls of the darkness move across the body. It is in the shape of a little girl about the size of Annie. She is supposed to have an innocent look to her. Her eyes a bit larger than a normal humans, and she has a small, button nose. The nose is only really visible from a profile view. Her eyes also do not have any white spots; it is all colored in that crystalline purple color with a pupil in the center. Shia does have a mouth, though, when it is closed, you cannot see it. When it is open, it is small and cute. The inside is a hazy dark purple, so still a bit of a challenge to see. Most of her features are obscure as her entire body is black with the only other color on her being the purple of her eyes. This includes her both her hair and skin. As she was a mass of energy and shadow, I also did not think she needed an outfit. She is not human, just in the shape of one. Kind of like a walking shadow with eyes.

Both bodies have the same color eyes, though of course the doppel’s eyes look like a normal humans.

Both bodies have waist length hair. On the main body the hair is wavy and kind of seems to flow. However on the doppel body, the hair is straight, looking soft as silk. I imagined both bodies to have bangs.

~ Personally I prefer bangs, but I guess that would depend on how the hair style turns out after being drawn.

Nice thing about the doppelganger idea is that it can work well with skins. Shia’s main body could even be unaffected by using a different skin and just having the doppel’s appearance change. This works with the fact that the doppel is her dream. She created it. If there were any changes to the main body with the use of the skin, I would only really see a change in hair style, with both the main and the doppel’s body having the same length hair, like in her original look.

Originally Posted by 2. A Quick Breakdown of Shia's Abilities + Extra Thoughts
__________________________________________________ ___________
| ______ __| Main_Body_______________________| Doppel_Body_______|
| Passive:_ | ___________________Self-Conscious____________________|
| Q:_______| Stay Away_____ __________________| Waltz in the Light__ __|
| W:____ __| Veil of Shadow____________________| Aegis Severer_____ __|
| E:_______| (Passive) Flow of the Unseen_________| Mirrored Retaliation___|
| R:__ __ __| ___________________Doppelganger ____________________|
~ This is to show that Shia has 5 main active abilities (Q andW on her main body, and Q, W and E on her doppel body).

~ Shia works like a transform champion in this respect, however after you read how Doppelganger works, you’ll find that Shia does not transform. Instead, it is like summoning a proxy champion with a restricted range of movement.

~ The main body was not given any damaging abilities. This happened naturally. I created the lore first, and the abilities second. Shia is very shy and self-conscious toward her main body. So no matter how powerful she really is, she does not have the confidence to summon that might.

~ The doppel body however was given a slew of abilities. Shia has the ability to dodge attacks and dance around foes, a high damage nuke spell that penetrates armor and finally special shield that reflects damage back.

~ Both of the W’s have a high mana cost as well.

~ Of course, the numbers on the abilities below can be changed. This was created by comparing similar style abilities of other champs. Looking at the mana costs, cooldowns, and damage they got out of each. Likewise, I have no way of actually creating this champion and testing her out to balance her.

~ First thing that was done was creating the Lore and Name. This took me only a half an hour to come up with the idea and write it out. Afterward, it took roughly 14-15 hours to come up with these abilities and figure out the stats for each. I did that time within 30 hours of finishing the Lore.

~ As of right now, I’ve added about another 10-15 hours of research on balancing and tweaking her abilities. Attempting to get the mana costs, cooldowns, and various other effects of the abilities to come out more smoothly. Also a great attempt to add more detail on how each of the abilities work in case anyone has any questions.

~ The concept of Shia started with a couple of thoughts. I wanted to create a timid champion that still had a reason to place herself on the battlefield. I also wondered a bit about the Void. Thinking, while everything we know about it is unspeakable horrors, what if something fell out of it before it could be corrupted? I also like the idea of monster champions, but I do not like ugly or grotesque champions (I’m looking at you Urgot). I thought of the bestial characters that existed already and there really wasn’t anything along the lines of a doppelganger (no, LeBlanc doesn’t count, she makes images that do nothing but distract and deceive and I wanted something different from that) . So I went with a doppelganger, cute and elegant, creating two champions in one.

~ On Shia’s title, The Void’s Timid Doppel, this was created in the middle of making the Lore. I of course know that the doppelganger is not timid, but Shia herself. So it could use a little work, however I do like the sound of it. Doppelgangers themselves also have many different stories, as they are monsters in many different works. In some of those stories, a doppelganger may take your form and is able to mimic everything about you. Others have it so that the doppelganger is able to create doubles of itself. This is my take on a doppelganger. I hope what I created works.

Originally Posted by 3. Base Stats
| Health Points: _______|_ 412 (+92)______________|
| Health Regen (Hp5): __|_8.8 (+0.8)_________ _____|
| Mana Points: ________|_235 (+45)_________ _____|
| Mana Regen (Mp5): ___|_6.5 (+0.55)_____________|
| Auto-Attack Range: ___|_600/ 125 [main/ doppel]___|
| Attack Damage: ______|_52 (+3.0)______________|
| Attack Speed: _____ __|_0.670 (+3.2%)_____ _____|
| Armor: _____________|_14 (+3.3)____________ __|
| Magic Resist: ________|_30 (+1.25)__________ ___|
| Movement Speed: ____|_325________________ __|

~ These stats where based and balanced off of comparing stats to champions in season 2. With the up coming season 3 changes, like base boost to movement speed, they may need to be adjusted accordingly.

~ Movement speed was left the same for both bodies. This is to give the doppel body, which is melee a standard movement speed. However, while normally ranged characters like the main body have slower base movement speeds, one of the effects Shia’s passive affects is movement speed. This means boots on do not help as much on the main body, while getting a small boost on the doppel body.

~ Just like movement speed, Shia’s other stats where designed more with her doppel’s body in mind. While the stats are fairly average for a melee character, they are a bit higher for a ranged character. I believe this to be acceptable because of two reasons; her passive and the fact that her main body does not have any damaging abilities.

~ If Shia is allowed to equip melee and ranged only items; like Tiamat/ Ravenous Hydra and Runaan’s Hurricane, then the stats would work on both bodies, but the melee item’s passives and actives will only work on the doppel body, and the ranged item’s passives and actives will only work on the main body.

Originally Posted by 4a. Passive: Self-Conscious
Main Body ~ Fear of what others think about her, Shia only gains (50, 60, 70, 80%) of item’s stats on her main body.

Doppel Body ~ Confidence in herself swells in this form. She gains a (3, 6, 9. 12%) bonus of stats from items.
~ This ability affects HP, Mana, Attack Damage, Ability Power, Armor, Magic Resist, and Movement Speed.

~ It has no effect on Cooldown Reduction, HP Regen, Mana Regen, Life Steal, Spell Vamp, Attack Penetration, Magic Penetration, Attack Speed, Critical Strike and Tenacity.

~ The Value of the passive is affected by the level of her Ultimate, not Shia's current champion level.

~ Masteries and Runes are unaffected by Shia’s Passive.

~ Base Stats are not affected by Shia’s Passive.

~ Activated Abilities of items, such as their stats and skills are unaffected by Shia’s Passive.

~ Like with Shia’s abilities, this was created with her personality and lore in mind.

~ Because of how much less Shia receives from items on her main body, I’m thinking about raising the end values that the doppel receives. I do like the starting values of each and all of the main body’s values. I however do not want the doppel to be over powered when her Ultimate is maxed out.

Originally Posted by 4b. Q: Stay Away!
Main Body's Q: Stay Away!
|_Mana Cost:____| 50/ 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 _ ___|
|_Damage:_____ | - _______________ ___|
|_Cooldown:___ _| 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 sec._|
|_Range:_______| 1000 (60 degree cone)__|

Feeling more self conscious than normal, Shia throws up her hands in front of her letting out a force of energy slowing those in front of her by 30% (+0.06 per ability power) for (2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4) sec.
~ Keeping with her timid theme, while Shia may possess greater power, she has no confidence in herself like this making this her best effort to keep people away.

~ Stay Away! travels in a wave from the main body. It has a travel time of 1 sec to reach full distance.

~ A +0.06 scaling with AP means that for every 100ap Shia has, her slow is 6% stronger.

~ To see how strong the slow can get with a +0.06 scaling, here are some examples:
--- 100ap = 36% slow
--- 200ap = 42
% slow
--- 300ap = 48% slow
--- 400ap = 54% slow
--- 500ap = 60% slow
--- 600ap = 66% slow
--- 700ap = 72% slow

~ Putting scaling on the slow is to encourage building AP.

~ Does not proc Rylai's slow as it does not deal damage.

Black Shield negates the slow.

Pop's Spell Shield

Originally Posted by 4b. Q: Waltz in the Light
Doppel Body's Q: Waltz in the Light
__________________________________________________ _
|_Mana Cost:_____| 50 / 50 / 50 / 50 / 50 ___________________ |
. Damage: _| 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 (+0.6 per ability power) _ |
|_Cooldown:___ __| 13 / 11 / 9 / 7 / 5 sec. _________________ _ |
|_Range:________| 400____________________________ ___ |

With a quick spin and a couple steps, Shia dances around the enemy while avoiding attacks and strikes them from the opposite side she started.
~ This is a targetable ability, not a skill shot. Shia can use Waltz in the Light by selecting an enemy champion, enemy minion, or neutral monster. Waltz in the Light cannot target allied minions or champions.

First thing you’ll notice is the low damage and scaling. This is to counter how quickly you can spam the ability. Given you have enough mana to keep casting the ability.

Second large point. As this is probably the first ability you’ve read, you’ll notice that Shia is unique in that while she gains damage for her ability power, her abilities deal physical damage. This can be explained in that her body is made from the power of the Void. Increasing her ability power then strengthens her body. As her doppel, this strength increases her physical strength and through her swords she deals her damage.

The dance around the enemy champion makes Shia invulnerable for the .5 sec it takes to complete. At which point she strikes. Skilled players will use this to dodge enemy attacks.

With the maximum cooldown of 40%, at level 5, Waltz in the Light will have a cooldown of 3 seconds. This means that the enemy champion can hit her for 2.5 seconds before she is able to Waltz again. This is so that Waltzing does not make her permanently invincible.

Shia’s path is in a clockwise semi-circle around the enemy champion.

This spell causes Shia to strike on the opposite side of the enemy champion from which she cast the ability, regardless of the direction they are facing. Therefore if they are facing Shia, she wills strike their back. If Shia strikes from their left, she will hit on the right.

As this ability deals physical damage, it works off of Armor Penetration instead Magic Penetration.

~ This ability works with Spell Vamp. It does not work with Life Steal.

This does proc Rylai’s slow with full effects.

Black Shield does not absorb the damage as it is physical.

Does not proc on hit effects.

Pops Spell Shield.

~ I
f Waltz in the Light would cause Shia’s doppel to go out of range of her main body, the ability will not activate and will not go on cooldown.

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Originally Posted by 4c. W: Veil of Shadow
Main Body's W: Veil of Shadow
__________________________________________________ ________ _
|_Mana Cost:_____| 90 / 105 / 120 / 135 / 150 ____________________ ___ |
Damage: ______| - _______________________________________ ___|
|_Cooldown:___ __| 30 / 30 / 30 / 30 / 30 sec. ________________________ |
|_Range:________| 800 (summons the center of the veil at target location)__|

|_Veil Length:___ _| 400 / 550 / 700 / 850 / 1000__________ ____________|
|_Veil Width:____ _| Half the width of Anivia's Wall_____________________|

Using all her might, Shia creates a shadowy wall to scare her enemies and to hide her whereabouts so that she may counter attack or flee. Enemies struck by the Veil of Shadow flee for (1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3) seconds. Enemy champions cannot see beyond the Veil. The Veil of Shadow dissipates after (3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5) seconds.
~ The Veil of Shadow is cast like Anivia’s Crystalize. You select the center of where the Veil is to be cast and it summons perpendicular to the summoner.

Veil of Shadow does not impede linear effect abilities, nor is it impassable like Anivia’s Crystalize.

An enemy champion must be struck with the summoning of the Veil of Shadow to be affected by the flee effect.

The Veil causes the enemy champion to flee away from Shia. This is not a fear effect.

The Veil of Shadow blocks vision, like brush and terrain for the enemy only. It does not affect her own team.

Enemies may walk through the Veil unimpeded. They will not be caused to flee for walking through it as that effect, as stated above, only happens upon casting.

Veil of Shadow only counts toward an assist if the enemy was caused to flee by the spell or passed through it.

~ Because the Veil of Shadow is thin, enemies cannot stand in the wall. They will always be treated as if they are on one side or the other depending on which side they are more on. If for some reason they are pixel for pixel in the center, they will be treated as if they are on the opposite side of the wall from Shia.

Veil of Shadow does not grant vision.

This spell does proc Rylai’s slow, similar to multi target spells, with diminished effects. Rylai’s will take effect after the flee and effect any that pass through the Veil. This means if they are hit by the flee and run through the Veil, the same champion can be effected twice.

While the Veil is long, as stated in the width, it is only half as thick as Anivia’s Crystalize making it harder to hit targets.

Veil of Shadows has a channel time of .3 seconds.

Black Shield will negate the flee.

The flee will pop Spell Shield, negating the flee on said champion, but the Veil will still be summoned.

Only way to overcome the Veil’s vision impairment is to deal with it like you normally would the fog of war. Place wards, or have an ally on the other side of the Veil.

Veil of Shadow has a bonus effect tied with Flow of the Unseen.

Originally Posted by 4c. W: Aegis Severer
Doppel Body's W: Aegis Severer
__________________________________________________ _____
|_Mana Cost:_____| 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 ______________________ |
. Damage: _| 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+0.7 per ability power) _ |
|_Cooldown:___ __| 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 sec. _____________________ _ |
|_Range:________| 450 (30 degree angle cone skill shot)___ ______ |

Shia brings down her longsword on any foes in her path using a mighty strike, destroying their armor. For this one strike, it penetrates 10% (+.06 per AP) of armor.
~ This ability is made possible by the runes on Shia’s longsword and the strength she received from the void.

~ Like the ability Waltz in the Light, Aegis Severer builds off of ability power instead of attack damage, yet deals physical damage instead of magical damage.

~ As this ability deals physical damage, it works off of Armor Penetration instead Magic Penetration.

~ The armor penetration of this ability makes it so that you have to build AP not only for the damage scaling, but for the Armor Penetration scaling as well. At 0.06 scaling added to the 10%, you would need 500 AP to reach a 40% penetration total (i.e. 10+(500 * .06) = 40). This is so that the player has a harder time stacking with items like Black Cleaver or Last Whisper. If you buy thing like that, you may gain the AD and Armor Pen, but you miss out on the AP needed for the scaling of this ability.

~ This ability works with Spell Vamp. It does not work with Life Steal.

~ This ability deals full damage to any enemy unit (champion, minion or monster) in its cone.

~ The armor penetration on Aegis Severer is only applied to the ability. It does not last for a duration for other abilities or champions to capitalize on.

~ This spell does proc Rylai’s slow, similar to multi target spells, with diminished effects.

~ Black Shield does not absorb the damage as it is physical and does not negate the armor penetration.

~ Does not proc on hit effects.

~ Pops Spell Shield.

Originally Posted by 4d. E: Flow of the Unseen
Main Body's E: Flow of the Unseen

|_Mana Cost:____| - / - / - / - / - _|
|_Damage:_____ | - ___ _____|
|_Cooldown:___ _| - / - / - / - / - _|
|_Range:_______| 1000____ _|

(Passive Ability)
More comfortable hiding her main body away from the eyes of others, Shia gains (7 / 14 / 21 / 28 / 35 flat) movement speed while in the brush. While Veil of Shadow is activated, Shia’s allies gain a (3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 flat) movement speed bonus while in range of Shia’s main body.
~ This passive ability only affects Shia’s main body’s movement speed. It has no effect on her doppel body.

~ Shia’s main body is unable to deal damage other than with auto-attacks, this is to help with escapes and chases when not using her doppel.

~ Flow of the Unseen only works in the brush. Activated on entering the brush and deactivated on leaving the brush.

~ Flow of the Unseen is not affected by Shia’s Passive, Self-Conscious.

~ Flow of the Unseen gains a secondary effect while Veil of Shadow is active. As long as the Veil is on the field and the ally champion is within a 1000 radius range of Shia’s main body, they will gain a flat movement speed bonus. If they leave that range, even while the Veil is still active, they will lose the bonus movement speed. Likewise, if they enter that range while the Veil is active, they will still gain the bonus. Of course the bonus movement speed stops as soon as the Veil dissipates.

~ Flow of the Unseen’s secondary movement speed boost is applied to Shia as well and stacks with her in the brush movement speed boost. This is to help for having diminished effects of boots from her passive.

~ Flow of the Unseen's secondary movement speed boost does not require Shia or her allies to be in the brush to apply. As long as Veil of Shadow's is active, it applies.

Originally Posted by 4d. E: Mirrored Retaliation
Doppel Body's E: Mirrored Retaliation
___________________________ ________
|_Mana Cost:____| 90 / 90 / 90 / 90 / 90 __ __|
|_Damage:_____ | - ___ ______________ _|
|_Cooldown:___ _| 50 / 45 / 40 / 35 / 30 sec._|
|_Range:_______| - ____________ ___ ___|

The runes fly off Shia’s shortsword, creating a barrier around both her bodies for (2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3) seconds. During this time it will absorb and reflect auto-attacks or spells throw at her. After being hit, (10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50%) of the damage dealt towards Shia’s doppel body is instantly returned to the attacker, while the remaining damage the doppel takes. Any damage that was to be dealt toward Shia’s main body is instantly returned to the attacker.

~ This spell has a 0.2 second channel time. At which point the runes fly create the shields.

~ This is a self-cast ability. It cannot be used on an allied champion.

~ As you may have noticed, this spell actually creates the shield on both her main body and her doppel. When the runes fly off the shortsword, this is visible to the enemy for the runes that fly off and surround the doppel body. The runes that fly off in the direction of the main body have invisibility. Like with the invisibility on the main body, the runes can be seen with an Oracles and Vision Wards. Since they do fly toward the main body, if the enemy does have an Oracles or Vision Wards, it would reveal her main body’s position.

~ Both shields disappear at the same time.

~ While the shield lasts 2-3 seconds on the doppel body, if the doppel is at max range from the main body, it takes the runes one second to reach the main body. Therefore the shield will only be on the main body for 1-2 seconds. The closer the doppel is the main body, the quicker the runes make it to it. With no delay if the doppel is touching the main body.

~ The cooldown starts after the the shield dissipates.

~ This ability is different from a spell shield in that it affects both Auto-Attacks and Abilities.

~ Also differing from both a Spell Shield and the Black Shield, this ability does not pop. It lasts its full duration.

~ The damage that would be dealt to Shia’s main body in this time is instantly reflected back to the attacker. Therefore Shia’s main body cannot be dealt damage while the shield is actively surrounding the body.

~ Only a percentage of the damage dealt toward the doppel body is instantly reflected back to the attacker. The rest of the damage is taken normally. Example: At level 1, the doppel will reflect 10% of the damage back at the attacker while only taking 90% of the damage. At max level, half of the damage is reflected, while the other half she still receives.

~ Mirrored Retaliation will not negate status effects that are currently on Shia.

~ Mirrored Retaliation only returns the damage to the attacker; it does not return status effects.

~ During the time this ability is active, Shia cannot receive any status or crowd control effects, such as slow, stun, root, flee, fear, knock up, and so on. This includes positive effects from allies, such as a shield from Janna, movement bonus from Sona, or even the movement bonus from items like Shurelya’s Reverie.

~ The only thing that Mirrored Retaliation does not reflect is healing, this is just absorbed. So a champion like Sona can still heal Shia while she has this active.

~ Because of how powerful this spell can be, it was given a high mana cost coupled with a long cooldown.

~ If Shia had a Banshee’s Veil and activated Mirrored Retaliation, Banshee’s Veil’s ability will still pop and then otherwise do nothing. Wastes the Banshee's Veil's passive.

~ Since this ability negates effects, this includes things like Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, Amumu’s Bandage Toss and Skarner’s Impale. Damage that is dealt by abilities like these are still affected by Mirrored Retaliation.


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Originally Posted by 4e. R: Doppelganger
R: Doppelganger
___________________________ ___________________________________
|_Mana Cost:____| - / - / - / -_________ _______________________________|
|_Damage:_____ | AP is added to her AD (0.6 per ability power) ___ _____ ___|
|_Cooldown:___ _| 10 / 8 / 6 / 4 sec. (upon self-deactivating) _______________|
|______________| 60 / 60 / 60 / 60 sec. (upon the death of the doppelganger) _|
|_Range:_______| 2000 ____________ ___ _________ _________________|

Afraid of others seeing her true self, Shia curls into a ball on the ground, shuts her eyes, and her doppel emerges from within. Shia turns invisible and becomes rooted to the spot, summoning her doppel to target location. The doppel is tethered to the main body by the range of the spell. The doppel’s body strengthens with ability power, increasing its auto-attack damage. One half of the damage the doppel takes is stored in itself and when it returns to Shia, she receives the damage. Press again to release the doppel.
~ When Shia’s doppel is summoned, it has it has its health proportional to her main body. Ex, if Shia has only 50% of her max HP, her doppel will summon at 50% HP.

~ The doppel’s mana is proportional to her main body. (example’s at the end)

~ Like how AD is a 1:1 ratio with a champion’s auto-attack, Shia’s ability power increases her doppel’s physical strength. This makes it so that AP is added to her auto-attack damage. Not at a 100% ratio like AD (ex. your AD is your auto-attack), but a 60% ratio per AP (ex. 60% of your AP is added to your auto-attack). More examples: Say you have a base of 50 AD and receive 50 AD from an item. That makes your total AD 100, so your auto-attacks deal 100 physical damage. If you have that 50 AD base and have 50 AP, since Shia’s doppel gains AD based on her AP by 60%, she would gain 30 AD from that 50 AP. Giving her AD a total of 80, so your auto-attacks would deal 80 physical damage. Shia was not given a 1:1 ratio for her auto-attacks with ability power because it is easier to get ability power than attack damage. The .6 ratio was chosen based on math I did for how much it costs to build AP vs. AD. This way it would not matter which you built in terms of auto-attacks, but for using any of your abilities, you’d want to build AP.

~ In terms of gold, the cost for 1 AD in gold is about the same as 0.6 AP in gold. This is where the 0.6 AP scaling came from for auto-attacks on Doppelganger. This makes it so the player can build either AD or AP and for the same amount of gold get the same auto-attack damage ratio. However, this is supposed to encourage AP building as both of the doppel's damaging abilities (her Q and W) scale only off of AP. Neither the main, nor doppel body, have any AD scaling.

~ Only the doppel receives the bonus AP to her auto-attacks. The main body does not receive any bonus.

~ While the doppel is summoned, you only control the doppel as Shia is rooted.

~ The doppel can only wander up to a range of 2000 from the main body. This means you will have to position yourself properly before summoning your doppel. If you do not understand how far a range of 2000 is, Lux’s Ultimate, Finales Fulcrum, has a range of 3000 (which is now attached below). This means Shia’s doppel has a radius 2/3rds the size.

~ With this range, if I did it right, she could only go about half way between two turrets if she summons her doppel under her own turret. This is so she cannot place her main body in safety while having her doppel attack the enemy turret.

~ Shia’s main body can still be damaged by AoE spells and be attacked if the enemy has vision of her using items like Oracles Elixir and Vision Ward.

~ Damaging the main body while the doppel is out does not deactivate the doppel. Nor does it affect the doppel in any way, unless the main body does, then so does the doppel instantly.

~ The main body is protected by force that stops status effects and crowd control effects. The main body however still takes the full amount damage it normally would. The main body is still affected by her passive and has the decreased stats from items. The player will therefore need to be wary
of the enemy attacking or even accidentally hitting the main body.

~ Since the main body, during its rooted state while the doppel is out, negates effects, this includes things like Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, Amumu’s Bandage Toss and Skarner’s Impale. The damage still applies.

~ The level of Shia’s Ultimate affects how powerful her passive is.

~ Like with the situations above, the doppel is treated as Shia while out. Therefore you cannot deactivate the doppel if the doppel is stunned, feared, fleeing (status), in the air, or silenced.

~ The doppel can be deactivated still if snared, negating the snare.

~ When Shia summons her doppel, it emerges from her body in a whiff of shadowy smoke that flies toward target location. This can give away the position of her main body. Be careful when you summon your doppel as if an enemy knows where it is, they may retaliate.

~ As the doppel receives damage, it remembers half the amount of damage it took. Upon being released or killed, the doppel returns to Shia in a whiff of shadowy smoke. This, like when summoned, can point the enemy to where her main body is. When the doppel re-enters Shia, she takes the damage.

~ The whiff of shadowy smoke seen when summoning and releasing the doppel spell takes one second to travel a range of 2000. So if at max range, it would take a second to both summon your doppel to target location. As well as if the doppel was released or killed at max range, it would take a second to get back. That being said, if either of those situations happen closer to the main body, the whiff of shadowy smoke summons/returns quicker.

~ The doppel can be summoned anywhere within its range.

~ The Cooldown only begins after the doppel has returned to Shia, and she takes the damage.

~ While in control of the doppel, you use the doppel’s champion abilities.


Here is a quick section with links to specific posts in this thread:

Doppelganger's Range ~ Using Nocturn's Lvl 1 Ult as a reference, this can show exactly how far the doppel can move from the main body as well as multiple mini-map shots of places for positioning.

How Shia's Wall Works
~ Couple quick pictures showing how Shia's Veil of Shadow works for those who could not tell from the explination below the ability or just like visuals.

Shia's Wall Comparison
~ Compares Shia's Veil of Shadow with Anivia's Crystalize and Karthus' Wall of Pain.

Shia's Shield Comparison ~ Top half of post is a quick review from an acquaintance, the comparison is at the bottom. It compares Shia's Mirrored Retaliation with Fiora's Riposte, Kayle's Intervention, and Galio's Idol of Durand.

Wulffe's Shia Concept ~ Wulffe was kind enough to draw the first picture of Shia. With the couple of posts below it, Wulffe and I talked a bit about Shia's dress and I posted some reference pictures of a bit of what I was thinking.

Katsuni's Review of Shia's Lore ~ While there are a couple of reviews in this thread, Katsuni's review is very detailed and was helpful in making my revisions. This is a review from when the Lore was shorter. That lore can be seen in the [42 hr] PDF below.

These are just a couple of the useful bits of information in this thread about Shia. There are more reviews littered throughout and I've posted more ideas and thoughts about her. If anything isn't answered yet, ask away. Or just pop on to say what you liked or didn't like about Shia so I may discuss them with you to make her better.


There that is everything, below is attached older revisions of Shia along with a Range Reference.
~ Lux's Ultimate range on the Mini-Map for reference.
~ Original PDF I made after only 15 hours of working on Shia (7 pages, completed on Fri, Nov. 30, 2012)
~ Second PDF of my work after 33 hours. Many changes and balancing done (10 pages, completed on Mon, Dec. 3, 2012)
~ Third PDF of my work after 42 hours. (13 pages, completed on Sun,Dec. 9, 2012)
~ Like mentioned above, the PDF's are now out of date. They will be updated at another time.


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Just letting you know that I fixed Shia's link in the Index to point to this one. I will also use this spot as my placeholder for a review when I finish reading this wall of text. xP

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Thank you so much Wuffle. Cannot wait for a review.

- Kat


For my original thread, that is located here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2854826

I hope my format was easy to read/ understand.

Would love to hear some feedback on Shia.

- Kat

P.S. These are from the original thread in the link listed above.

Originally Posted by blackkat101
Now after showing it to a couple of friends (who are not going to post as I've been talking with them in person about Shia), Here are some points I'd like to add:

Shia on the surface, looks like a transform champion in the way her R: Doppelganger works. It is toggled on and off and obtained at level 1. Unlike Jayce and Elise, Shia does not transform. Instead, you could think of her as being able to summon a proxy champion, tethered to her main body. Her main body is still on the map and can be damaged (players using her should fear oracles), and her doppel body is tied to a range around her main body (i.e. can only wander up to a certain distance away from her main body in a radius around it). This requires the player to have to think and place where Shia is before summoning her doppel. If you've read the ability in the PDF, you'll notice that while the doppel is summoned, you only control the doppel while the main body is rooted to the spot as if the doppel is your champion instead of the main body.

One other note is I decided to use Ability Power in a different way than normal. As Shia's body and by extension, her doppel's body are made from the energy from the Void, AP increases her strength. Shia however does not deal any magical damage. Her main body's spells are all about playing keep away and hiding and do no damage. Her doppel's body builds off of AP, but every ability deals physical damage. On her doppel, she also gains physical damage on her auto-attack based off of AP. This is because as her ability power increases, she is able to strengthen her doppel's body, but the doppel wields a pair of swords. Meaning while the body's strength is increased, allowing her to strike harder, her attacks are dealt with a sword, i.e. physical damage. This auto-attack increase by AP (as described in the PDF) is not a 1 to 1 ratio like with AD, but she only gains .8 per AP added to her auto-attacks as physical damage. That coupled with all of her abilities building off of AP (but dealing physical damage still), she is built more like an AP champ, but plays AD.

Again, Shia deals "no" magical damage. Everything is physical damage.

Was that confusing? She came out such because of the lore I wrote as that came out first. With the abilities being created afterward. After having my friends take a quick look and me giving some explanations because they did not read everything, they understood the idea behind her and on their initial impressions, said they would then think of building her mainly with AP and Attack Speed. One liked the idea of having her on either Top or Mid lane. Another thought she would work best on bottom (because he thought Shia may need to be babysat for her first couple of levels) and after gaining a couple levels, using her as an AD carry.
Originally Posted by blackkat101
On a personal thought, I was thinking her to be either a Bottom or Mid champion. While Jungle is my absolute worst role, and Shia has no sustain, I wonder if she could work there? Mainly because of all the brush and the ability to hide her main body there as she casts her doppel over a wall into a lane. That could greatly help with keeping herself safe.

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Let me start off by saying that although it was a long read it was definitely worthwhile!

As a huge fan of 'monsters' who just want to love and be loved (Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Erik who is the Phantom of the Opera, Quasimodo who is the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and so many more) I'm already a fan of Shia from the start.

Visually, I'm completely supportive of her design. The shadow-child and the elegant maiden? There has yet to be better contrast between two characters in the League of Legends universe. However, I'm kind of saddened that Shyvanna and Cassiopeia were not used for comparison. They have beautiful faces too! It's just everything else that would make a man scream in terror. Most men, at least. Jokes aside, well done. You've shared a very good idea of what they should look like.

With that said I do love the lore but it may be a bit too long and may need a condensed version for her lore and this version for her complete background.

I think the passive may be a bit too high on her. From what was explained to me anything around 10%+ item scaling can be a bit much, especially if they stack certain items. Though take that as it is, something passed from word to mouth.

Stay Away! seems to be on point. The slow percentage could possibly go up a few points but that is all I could say about it. The ability reflects the lore and personality of the champion very well. I do not believe I have anything for Waltz in the Light except that summoners will have to be....light on their feet when it comes to timing a dodge with it. Yes, I went there.

I have nothing to add to either version of her W. Both equally compliment the selected user. Same thing with E. Both are well crafted and suited just for Shia.

You were right in your suggestion to read the ultimate first. The whole time I thought her main body was just a shadow that hid off to the side somewhere, chasing after the Doppel. Now that I see that that is not the case I have to say I do like the anchor concept a bit more.

You were also correct when you said any and all questions would be answered in the post. I had a few questions as I was going along but found my answers before I could even think of asking.

I have to say that overall this champion has a 10/10 for champion concept, design and presentation, respectively. Bonus points for adding in an overview part for each ability as not very many do that. I can tell you have spent a lot of time with Shia and the only thing I'm saddened by is that she has no art. I believe that with such a wonderful champion that issue will fix itself in due time.

I don't feel like I've done Shia enough justice here but there's not much to say in regards to buffing or nerfing her as I'd mostly have to see how she handled in game to pass true judgment on her.

Well done, blackkat101! Shia has definitely taken a place amongst my all time favorite champs. Keep up the good work!

C. Wulffe
CCF Council

Edit: Oh, there were a handful of grammatical issues I stumbled across. Nothing too horribly noticeable. Just missing a random 'a', 'the' or 'of' here and there. Stuff like that. Nothing worth docking awesome points for. :]

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Thank you for the review Wuffle.

When I mentioned Ahri and Sona, it was only because they are two of my more played champions. I do absolutly love Shyvanna and while I like Cassiopeia, I've not had a chance to play her that often to appreciate her yet.

A not on the passive, I know it is a bit strong on the doppel's end (12% bonus at max ult). That is why there is such a large hit to how much the main body gets from items. Even with her ultimate at max, her main body will still have a 20% reduction from the items.

I am hoping to find some people to do some concept artwork for her (and the more variety the better as I'm way to picky for my own good...). I'm sure I'd appreciate any art done for her, but as if what I imagine can be drawn is another thing.

I apologize for any grammatical errors in this champion concept. The only section I attempted to get that right was in the lore section. The rest was written as it came to me. If you did find any problems in the lore, I will correct that right away.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond.

- Kat

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Silly words on a message board. I was making a joke about Shyvanna and and Cass. Noting that you were picking the 'pretty' champs where as I was picking the ones that people deem ugly or monstrous. It was nothing more than a simple jest. Sorry for the confusion as I wasn't serious.

So, in actually thinking about I guess that would be a fair trade off between the two. As I mentioned above I'd really just have to see it played out to see how overpowered, underpowered or balanced it could possibly be.

Now, I could possibly do some art for you though my stuff isn't all that great. I don't mind giving it a shot though as I can at least give Shia a face to work off of.

No need to apologize! Grammar issues happen. I don't recall any specific ones, just noticed them as I was reading from top to bottom.

My pleasure! Thank you for making Shia. :]

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Confusion is fine. I'm confused 90% of the time.

If you are willing to draw some art for Shia, I'd be very grateful and you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I'm sure any effort would be better than what I could produce at this moment. Give me a month or two and I'll have some personal art done (cross your fingers that my perfectionism doesn't kick in or it could be longer), but in the mean time, have at it. Just post it here if you'd like. Hopefully I was detailed enough in the Visual Description (as well as all the other details littered throughout the champion concept).

I'd also like to mention that I've placed a quick overview of Shia at the top for those who did not have the time to read it all. It is also there in hopes of getting people interested enough in reading the rest of the champion concept.

- Kat

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Originally Posted by Base Stats
~ These stats where based and balanced off of comparing stats to champions in season 2. With the up coming season 3 changes, like base boost to movement speed, they may need to be adjusted accordingly.
Added this to the base stat section.

- Kat

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