Idea for a unique tricky support type: shape shifter

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So I've been brainstorming a character that is very deceptive, and relies on his deception to manipulate his enemies. I envison this champion being a support type.

I haven't ironed out which abiliy, on which button, but here's the general gist. This is an idea that I think will benefit more from sharing and letting mature with the community.

So basically I picture a champion that is from another dimension, perhaps with a ambiguous gender, whatever appearance would lend to the fact that he's a shape shifter.

The shape shifting idea is key.

Basically, this support champ would have fairly low ratios, not being able to do too much damage himself. Abiltiy ideas:

1. The core essence of this character is his shape shifting. He can take on the appearance of anyone on his team. I think being able to take on the enemy's look, and color, would be too strong, so I've limited this to aking on the appearance of teammates only. While "disguise" as a teammate, you look identical to them, skin and all. You're visible items to the enemy will also look like the person you're disguised as-- otherwise anyone with a brain would instantly recognize the fake. Damage dealt to you while disguised as someone heals the player that you're disguised as for a percent of, if not all of, the damage dealt to you.

2. Seeing as how you will be soaking up damage, his passive should be some sort of % armor and MR gain while disguised, just so he isn't instantly killed. He should have tankier base stats that a squishy support.

3. As a form of escape, I'm fond of a technique that let's you deceptively mislead your opponent in a direction that you haven't actually gone. For this to work, I picture an ability where you stealth for like 3-4 seconds, and a clone of your character, and whoever you were disguised as continues walking in the direction you were headed when you used the ability for like 2 seconds or so. Picture Wukng be able to se decoy while moving, in such a way that there's no way you can tell that he decoyed, and the decoy continues moving for like 2 seconds in he direction you were previously headed at the start of the ability.

Not sure what to do for an ult..

I don't think a champ like these needs any CC, especially not any hard CC. Perhaps a slow?

You might want to know the practical use of this, well here goes:

*** Mindgames. This is all about manipulating your enemies, striking fear into them. In reality, you don't do much damage at all, but they don't know if you're the changling or the real champ, so they have reason to be scared. You could scare enemies off of your ADC, by coming in disguised as a fed Xin, or Tryn, they will likely back off, for fear of the damage. You could disguise as Ali, and people will fear a push, or scary gank. This fearis what this champ relies on to be successful. You could hide in a bush with your ADC, take on the disgusie of your jungler, and step out of the bush and back into it. This will scare bottom lane into thinking there are three of you in the bush, when there are really only two.

When disguised, your taunts, and auto-attack animatons match your disguises. As such, if you disguise as a ranged character, you take on their ranged. However, his AA should be really weak so to not encourage abusing his shifting ways.

I have more to ad to this, but I have to go at the moment. Thoughts on how this idea can be refined? Or is this trash?

Part of this concept comes from TF2 Spy, my most beloved class in any shooter evr.

Thanks guys.