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Daemon The Demonic.

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This is a champion i just thought of and would like to hear peoples ideas on.

Daemon is a mid range caster for the most part (I'll explain later) He uses duel pistols with bullets charged with demonic aura for his spells. The duel pistols are non existent and are magical weapons created with Daemon's Demonic magic.

Attack power Low
Ability power High
Defense power Medium

Earlier i explained he is a mid range caster for the most part, however this is not the case after he activates his ultimate. After Daemons ultimate is cast He becomes a Bruiser offtank. I'll explain how this works later on, but for now, Think of it as nidalee's transformation.

Now on to his Skills

Passive: Demonic Intuition: Daemon gains abiltiy power each time he kills a enemy champion. He gains 10 ability power per kill capping at 60.

Explanation: This ability is mainly for early to mid game where it will make a big impact. It increases his ability power pemanantly (Much like viegars Q). This effect goes for the whole game. This means if Daemon recieves 6 kills very early on, he gets a 60 ability power making him transfer into mid game very powerful. This will go straight to his ability power as well. This means things such as Rabadons Deathcap will increase it.

Q: Demonic Duel Shot Daemon shoots out two powerful bullets (1 from each gun) These bullets pierce the opponents defence these do a base damage of 50/70/80/90/100 and scale 0.7 with ability power.. Cooldown 3 seconds.

Explanation: What this basically means is that Daemon shoots out a bullet from each gun to damage his opponent. These are skillshots. They both come from daemon and ignore minion collition, but stop on impact with a champion. The meaning of "These bullets pierce the opponents defence" refers to magic resist. The bullets ignore 1/3 of the units magic resist, however have fairly low base damage..

W: Demonic Overload Daemon taps into the demons power granting him bonus ap for 3 seconds and grants him bonus movement speed. Ap bonus: 10/20/30/40/50 per skill point. Movement speed bonus 25/30/35/40/45% per skill point. Cooldown 9/8/7/6/5 seconds decreasing per skill point.

Explanation: Since daemon is a mid range mage he needs to quickly get in and out of the fray to deal his short quick damage and get back out of the fight only to return for some more damage. This spell allows him to get some speed to dart around and some bonus ap for the extra damage. This spell at rank 1 needs to be used sparingly because of its fairly long cooldown. However it can be used more and more as you rank it up.

E: Bloodlust Lock shot Daemon's demonic bloodlust overtakes his senses. Daemon stands in place for 3 seconds and shoots any enemies around him for the 3 seconds. Daemon shoots these enemies randomly at the speed of light. He can only shoot each enemy 3 times however if every enemy in the range of the attack has been shot the max number of times the ability will be deactivated.. (These shots do not attack minions) These shots do 10/20/30/40/50 damage per shot and scale 0.4 ability power per shot. Cooldown 13/12/11/10/9 seconds decreasing per skill point.

Explanation: This is Daemons secondary damage ability. This ability is not very reliable as the opponent you want to hit may walk out of your attack range. Preventing you from hitting them with the spell and chasing them since your locked in place for 3 seconds. The shots fire at a speed of 3 shots every second. The shots attack enemies randomly so there is no way of knowing who it will hit. I added the part of the ability where he disables the ability after hitting each enemy in the area the max number of times to allow it to be used against a single target. It'd be bad if you shot the single target 3 times then couldn't do anything right? The shots themselves do magic damage and scale 0.4 of ability power (per shot). This means if a target is hit with 3 shots it will scale 1.2 altogether. These shots have a low base damage.

R: Demonic Transformation. Daemon becomes the demon incarnate himself. 1/3 of his ability power is transfered into attack damage and the other 2/3 is transfered into his health. Daemon is also granted 30/40/50 armour and 30/40/50 magic resist while in this form. He uses melee attacks while in this form and gains new abilities. This transformation lasts 13/14/15 seconds per skill level. Cooldown 120/100/80 seconds decreasing per skill point. The demons attack speed also becomes 1.300

Explanation: This is what i meant when i said Daemon becomes a bruiser offtank. When this ability is activated, he goes from being a caster to a heavy powerful offtank. Not only does he gain health, he also receives some nice armour and and magic resist. All of Daemons skills change to accomodate his new form. This ability also allows you to customize how you play Daemon quite a bit. For instance. You can go for the full ap Daemon, making him very powerful and quite healthy in his Demon form, yet squishy but bursty in his Human form. You could in turn build him healthy and slightly less ap based. This would make him last longer in his human form, but hurt his damage output in his demon form. The possibilties are endless with this skill.

Demons Skills. (These skills scale the same as the human counterparts. Much like nidalee's q ranks up in cougar as he q ranks up in human form).

Q: Demonic Swipe The Demon's next auto attack is empowered doing a swining motion striking all enemies infront of the demon in an arc then swinging back damaging them a second time. Cooldown 2 seconds. ( The damage for this skill is based of his attack damage and also has a low base damage increasing per skill point in his Q).

Explanation. This is the demons spamming bread and butter skill. The base damage scales of the skill points put into his Q with bonus damage from his Ad. This ability stikes ALL enemies infront of the demon in an arc TWICE. This means that he is a devestating opponent in a teamfight if allowed to get straight in the middle of the enemies.

W: Demonic Blast The Demon shoots out demonic energy infront of him damaging all enemies it encounters. This shot does 200/250/300/350/400 damage. This ability only has base damage and does not scale of anything. Cooldown 5 seconds.

Explanation: This is the Demons finisher and poke spell. It has a fairy long range (The size of a full length nidalee spear.) and ignores unit collition. It damages both minions and enemies much like a lux lasor. and will hit everything in its path of destruction.

E: Crushing Spin The demon spins around damaging all enemies around him. This scales of The Demons attack damage and has a base damage of 100/130/160/190/220. The ad ration is 0.5. Cooldown 6 seconds.

Explanation: This is the move you use in a teamfight to crush the enemy team. It has fairly high damage and is best used straight after transforming because of it's high cooldown compared to how long you can be in demon form for.

R: HumonicTransformation The Demon damages all enemies around him (twice the range of Crushing Spin) for 300/400/500 true damage and then reverts back to Daemon. This ability does not scale of anything. Cooldown Non existent.

Explanation: This is the ability used when about to convert back to human form from the timer anyway. It does a high amount of damage however if used to early, you may be losing damage that the demon could do. This means you need to time this skill perfectly to maximize damage output.

LORE: Daemon was a young boy on the verges of Noxus. He cared not for wars and was content living with his father and younger brother His mother died a few years ago of a disease which even the most famous doctors in Noxus didn't know how to cure. He had been reading on demonology since the age of 5. This was unaware to his father. His younger brother however shared his interest. They were intrigued by the writing of demonology and the way it worked. They really never cared to try it out or practice it however. Daemon lived a carefree life mostly and planned to live in that house for the rest of his life. This was not the case however...

One day a demacian showed up at Daemons doorstep Demanding they evacuate the area, this place was to become a warzone for a demacian and noxian war. Daemon's father said he would never leave the house he and his wife had lived in for so many years. The demacian said he would return in one hour to take the land by force if he did not comply. Daemon's father told the boys to flee to the nearby woods while he dealed with the situation. Daemon and his brother did so fled to the woods. They didn't flee all the way in however. They stood on the verge of the forrest and watched the house. The Hour was up. The demacian returned. Daemons father refused the offer saying he would never leave the house. The demacian was displeased. He dragged the man outside his house. This meant that Daemon and his brother could see it. They saw it all. Outside the front of his own house. The father was beheaded by the demacian. Daemon contained his rage. His brother however couldn't. He charged at the demacian in anger. The demacian didn't think twice before cutting him up into pieces. Daemon wanted to do the same, but was afraid. He fled away carrying only one thing in the bag he took with him from the house. A book of demonology.

After he went inside the forest he layed the book on the floor. He wanted revenge, and he needed power to get it. He casted a spell from the book. The spell summoned the demon himself infront of Daemon. The demon asked why the boy had summoned him. Daemon only uttered one word. "Power". After that was spoken the Demon begun to break into particles. These particles swarmed around Daemon before fusing with the small boy. The boy had the demons powers and strength. This came with a price however. After Daemon dies. He would be sent to niether heaven nor hell. He would belong to the demon. Daemon set of with nothing but revenge in his mind, he wanted nothing more than to rip the heart out of the man that ruined his life. He walked noxus's street looking for clues. He heard a story one day of a demacian general named Garen. He wondered if the demacian general knew anything of the man who murdered his father. Seeking to meet him he walked up to the fields of justices doorsteps.....

Sorry for the long post however i would be happy to know any way to improve Daemon's damage or abilties and i'd like to hear your thoughts on him.

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Nidalee's abilities rank up with her ultimate, not with their counterpart ability, you just need the ability unlocked to use it in cougar form.
Giving the ability to go into AD form for 15 seconds is just kind of useless due to you won't want to build any AD for your usual build then, and 1/3 your AP as AD isn't enough to justify it because you'll have no AS/Crit.
The only reason I can see you'd ever use the ultimate for is just when you use all your normal abilities, you could Q, W, E, and then R to revert really fast to use your regular cooldowns again.

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Let's head right into it:
Passive: Kinda useless. Good for low skill range pubstomping, useless in any serious game where you will get 6 kills by lategame mb, where 60 AP don't account for much. Most Champion passives are way more useful.

Q: The numbers there are just wrong. 2*50 damage (in case it's possible to hit both) on a 3 sec cooldown right from level 1 is ridiculous even if it's a skillshot. AP ratio is basically 1.4 if you hit both, way too high for 3 secs CD again. On the other hand, base damage scaling is ****ty.

W: Kinda boring in my opinion. I feel like short burst of AP is not really useful. On the other hand, with maxed out CDR, you're granting your champion pretty much permanent 45% movement speed from level 9 (as i feel you should max W with this champ). That's ridonculous OP on a ranged burst character (Nunu W is ridiculously strong even though only 15% movement speed for your AD). On the other hand, it feels uncomfortable having to press this all the time when it's basically designed as base stats.

E: useless in lane. level 1 is 30 damage on a single enemy, in exchange you're locked down for the duration. Much depends on how fast those shots fire. Basically Katarina ult on a basic ability. Doesn'T feel like it matches the kit at all.

R: His ulti transforms him into a useless bruiser without AD-Scaling abilities. On the contrary, his AP-based abilities will do hardly any damage at all since your AP is gone for the duration (or is it?).
In exchange, the bonus in resistances is OP.
Basically, only use of this ever would be to be more tanky during an escape or when being karthus ultied or something.

Conclusion: not balanced at all. All in all probably underpowered, but anyway definetely weird to play.