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Shield n Spear

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Riven, Bruiser/fighter, going for AD/tanky build.

Summoner level 6, no runes, blank mastery page.

Building in this order: (P = piece, T = temporary)

P. Boots of Speed
T. Health Potions
P. Avarice Blade
P. BF Sword
1. Ionian Boots of Lucidity (or defensive boots as needed)
2. The Bloodthirster
P. Phage
3. Atma's Impailer
4. Frozen Mallet
5. Warmog's Armor
6. Youmuu's Ghostblade

I heard about "Fratmogs" item combo and decided to try it out. Mixed in The Bloodthirster for AD and some recovery on jungle creeps between team fights, and youmuu's for addictional CDR, with sprint for chasing or fleeing, and AS for turrets or fully commited fights. Overall, this build leaves me with the following:

Health: 3932
HP5: 66
AD: 314
ArP: 20
Attack Speed: 1.00
Lifesteal: 20%
Crit Chance: 33%
MvSpd: 390
CDR: 30%
Armor: 119
MR: 54

It may not look like much special, but it ends up being an extremely well rounded character, capable of (on riven) critting often and hard, hitting 500+ on non-tanky champions, whilst still having lifesteal, armor, and a huge health pool. Not to mention slowing attacks. The build is also simple to start, and because of that will not end up leaving you undergeared early game. The build is not too expensive either, but it is kind of up there, at 15.5k gold. Also one last note, 30% CDR is a bit of a magic number for riven, at this point her E (Valor) ability becomes a smaller cooldown than the duration of her passive, allowing her to build stacks while travelling, and entering a fight with 3 boosted swings.

Post a reply on what you think might make the build even better. I can't think of anything else.. The black cleaver would be a nice add-in, but the Armor pen is not worth the loss of the CDR and the active of youmuu's. You might get rid of the boots for the black cleaver, seeing how riven can move fast enough with her abilities. Phantom dancer would be somewhat pointless, the 12% speed is nice but with frozen mallet and so many dash abilities on riven, there's not getting away anyways... Only other thing I can think of is Tiamat, but the mana regen would be a waste and the splash damage would not do much considering she has two AoE damage abilities.

You know what though, if you used this build on a different champion, one without a ton of jumps, no mana, or splash damage, then maybe you might be able to tweak it a little. But why do that when you can just play riven? :P