[MCCC Champion] Sekram, Battlecast Predator

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Sekram, Battlecast Predator
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Much has been written by scholars and astrologers about the planets and the deep void beyond, from obvious truths (Runeterra rests on an infinite tower of turtles) to the outrageously insane (stars emit light because they are composed of colliding tiny objects that are also energy waves). But one thing is certain - the universe is vast and there may be other worlds just like Runeterra drifting among the stars. For many centuries the nature of this life was discreetly left to the individual's religious beliefs. This all changed when several portals opened in the skies over Demacia, through which metallic projectiles crackled into being and slammed into the ground. The cylinder-shaped impactors immediately grew robotic feet and jackhammers and started taking the city apart brick by brick, converting its base materials into more demon spiders.

With most of Runeterra's armies disbanded after the creation of the League, it fell upon the Institute of War to stop the tide. Its summoners sent the League's most powerful monsters at the invaders, and a unified front of heroes from all city-states mounted a valiant counterattack. That was when the rapidly multiplying swarm revealed its most devastating weapon: the ability to take apart a living being's molecular structure, duplicate it and incorporate it into its designs. Xerath, Cho'Gath and Urgot fell prey to the weapon and soon found themselves fighting their former allies as terrifying bionic constructs.

But this "Battlecast" weapon proved to be the swarm's undoing. Unfamiliar with the concept of free will, the intruders were lured into a trap set by the Institute. Silicon lifeform Skarner volunteered to attack a Battlecast platform and provoke the intruders into using the weapon on him after the Institute implanted flawed crystal structures into his exoskeleton. According to plan, the flaw was assimilated into the invaders' blueprints and reproduced thousands of times like a computer virus. The flawed armor plating fractured like glass when the Institute launched a counterattack and the swarm was quickly banished from Runeterra.

Only one of the robots, a cyborg derived from a Shurimean lion that was in the process of being retrofitted during the counterattack, was preserved by the Zaunite government, officially for research into the Battlecast process. In reality, the robot predator was quickly outfitted with a hextech brain clamp and unleashed on the Fields of Justice...

Snippet - Journal of Justice interview (featuring Sekram and journalist Kuo Morellon)
J: "Who are your masters?"
S: "Hierarchy is bionic concept. We are the mainframe. We are the Many"
J: "Why do you want to destroy Runeterra?"
S: "Bionic mind perfected by evolution. Using bionics as blueprint saves processor time"
J: "But we defeated you"
S: "Bionic victory is illogical. Anything used against us can be used by us"
J: "Not anything. Your race seems incapable of creative thought"
S: "Design patterns supersede creative thought. Example: combat techniques of successful League participants. Creative input leads to antipatterns. Antipatterns are weakness"
J: "Hmm..."


Cast from the slags of a fallen civilisation in the hellfires of an alien war forge, Sekram is a heavily armored weaponized cyborg lion, based on the biological blueprints of a Shurimean apex predator assimilated by the Battlecast process. Equipped with radite claws, an anti-gravity lifter, shoulder-mounted jackhammers and turbine drills and an onboard duplicator system, Sekram is both battle machine and resource processor, which the alien invaders consider two aspects of the same role.

Beneath its nigh-indestructible astorite shell ticks a cyborg brain which according to researchers is capable of feeling certain emotions: hatred, anger, wrath, rage, envy and an uncontrollable desire to grab anything in front of it and convert it into more copies of itself. Some have remarked that the latter instict makes the robot not so different from the average human. Using advanced neurostimulators, Zaunite scientists managed to make Sekram feel love towards a test subject. The experiment was not repeated for unknown reasons.

Auto attack
Sekram swipes at an enemy with his claws. On a critical hit, Sekram extends two jackhammer-like steel spikes from his shoulders to impale the target.

Alternate skin
Datascourge Sekram - a holotech representation in 8-bit polygons of a feline predator from a grid world somewhere.


Sekram is a jungling tank, capable of disabling multiple opponents, absorbing damage and sustaining pushes but doing limited damage. His crowd control options include an AoE knockback, AoE knockup, channeled single target stun and a single target root/channeled pull. Defensively, he can switch his consciousness with a (destructible) copy and has a damage reducing shield and an armor/MR buff linked to his resource.

Tank, Pet, Fighter.


Attack: Damage: 54 (+3.5) = 117 @18
Attack: Speed: 0.65 (+1.45%) = 0.82 @18
Attack: Range: Melee 125 range

Health: 450 (+85) = 1980 @18
Health: Regen: 7.00 (+0.85) = 22.3 @18

Armor: 18.0 (+3.5) = 81 @18
Magic resistance 30 (+1.25) = 52.5 @18

Movement speed: 315


Resource: Arcium
"The war machine of the Many runs on arcium, a highly efficient solid mineral fuel recovered from the wreckage of conquered civilisations"
This segmented white bar stores up to 10 points of arcium, but starts at 0 and does not regenerate by itself. Abilities do not cost arcium, but each ability has a secondary effect that can be activated by pressing the button again after using the ability, and this secondary effect costs 5 arcium.

Passive: Deconstructor/Reconstructor
"To the invaders, resource gathering and warfare are essentially the same thing: both activites involve disassembling objects into their base components"
When Sekram attacks an enemy champion or tower, he gains 1 arcium per attack. When he attacks a minion, he gains 1 arcium every 5 attacks. Additionally, he receives 4 armor and magic resist for each point of arcium that is either in storage or has been spent less than 6 seconds ago.

[Q] Levitator
"Like ants, the legions of the Many carried bits and pieces of a Freljord mountain range back to their docking station"
[Skillshot] After a short delay, Sekram fires a beam of red energy from his eyes that instantly hits the first enemy champion or minion in its path. The target is lifted into the air and immobilised for a short time.
Secondary: Tractor Beam
[No target/Channeled] A beam of energy from a turret mounted on his back slowly pulls the levitating target towards Sekram. This ability does not need to be manually aimed and lasts for the remaining levitation time or until Sekram takes another action or is interrupted.

Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 seconds
Levitator: Range: 850
Levitator: Cast delay: 0.7 seconds
Levitator: Magic damage: 50/90/130/170/210 (+0.6 AP)
Levitator: Lift duration: 1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7 seconds
Tractor Beam: Movement speed: 150

[W] Blast Off
"The invaders disassembled a Shurimean sphinx and apparently figured that all lions on Runeterra are capable of flight"
[No target] Sekram folds up its mechanical legs and deploys mechanical eagle wings and rocket thrusters. While active, Sekram moves at increased speed and passes through units, burning enemy champions and minions underneath him.
Secondary: Retro Rockets
[No target] Sekram disengages his thrusters, ending the ability and slamming into the ground with a blast of rocket fire and rock fragments that deals damage and knocks nearby enemy champions and minions away from him.

Cooldown: 21/19/17/15/13 seconds
Blast Off: Duration: 4 seconds
Blast Off: Speed bonus: 10/15/20/25/30% (+5% per second active)
Blast Off: Magic damage: 15/25/35/45/55 (+0.2 AP) per second in a 250 radius
Retro Rockets: Magic damage: 65/110/155/200/245 (+0.7 AP)
Retro Rockets: Blowout distance: 350
Retro Rockets: Blowout stun duration: 0.4 seconds

[E] Rock Auger
"Whenever the Many encounter an object or material they cannot disassemble, they adapt and build the next generation of disassembling tools out of that material"
[No target] Sekram deploys two large shoulder mounted drills. The drills slowly spin up, dealing gradually increasing amounts of damage per second to any enemy champion or minion in a striped danger zone directly in front of him. While active, Sekram gains protective armor plates that reduce incoming damage by a percentage.
Secondary: Terror Drones
[Area] Sekram launches his drills towards the target area. On impact with the ground, the drills fragment into pieces and unleash small robot drones which attach themselves to enemy champions. Each champion gets one drone, which gradually lowers the champion's armor and magic resistance but the champion can shake off the drone by auto attacking it 3 times.
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Rock Auger: Duration: 5 seconds
Rock Auger: Physical damage: 10/16/22/28/34 (+0.15 AP) per second (+35% after each second)
Rock Auger: Range: 350 unit long, 300 unit wide frontal zone
Rock Auger: Damage reduction: 15/17/19/21/23%
Terror Drones: Cast range: 600
Terror Drones: Radius: 400
Terror Drones: Reduces armor and MR by 2/3/4/5/6 per second (up to 10/15/20/25/30)
Terror Drones: Duration: 10 seconds or until shaken off

[R] Duplicator
"The Many must have originated as a single robot from another world, designed to reproduce itself and adapt to its surroundings. Whether it was supposed to multiply into a planet-eating swarm is anyone's guess"
[Passive] Sekram has a copy of himself. The copy does not have an AI, but can manually be given movement and attack orders by using pet commands (Alt-click). It has a maximum leash range and automatically runs back when it gets too far away. It has identical base stats and items, but the copy deals reduced damage and takes increased damage. When destroyed, it respawns near Sekram after a short time. Glowing energy lines distinguish Sekram from the copy.
[No target] Sekram transfers control to the copy. The original champion becomes the copy instead and gains the associated penalties. The former copy loses the penalties and becomes Sekram.
Secondary: Power Coupling
[No target] Creates a continuous beam of energy between Sekram and the copy. Enemy champions and minions hit by the beam are damaged and knocked up. Being a secondary ability, this can only be used within a few seconds after using the Duplicator active.

Cooldown: 20/15/10 seconds
Duplicator: Copy health: 50%
Duplicator: Copy damage: 25%
Duplicator: Leash range: 1100
Power Coupling: Magic damage: 125/250/375 (+0.4 AP)
Power Coupling: Knockup duration: 0.8/1.1/1.4 seconds


Sekram is an effective jungler due to Rock Auger, which both shreds single stationary targets and deals area effect damage. He has no mana to worry about in the jungle, but also has no natural sustain. It is the least useful ganking ability though, creating a trade-off between jungle speed and ganking effectiveness.

Sekram excels at preying on solo lanes, using his speed buff to close the gap to a low mobility target and using his multiple disables to prevent escape. Ganking duo lanes is much harder because Sekram has no dash, may well miss Levitator against a mobile target and Tractor Beam can be interrupted with a well aimed stun or silence.

At level 6, Duplicator enables Sekram to counter Flash escapes by moving the clone ahead of the gank target and swapping when the target flashes, followed by an immediate Power Coupling knockup.

Unlike Amumu or Galio, Sekram does not rely on a powerful shock and awe initiation combo. His lack of an instant gap closer can be overcome by using Flash, but the knockback from Retro Rockets is meager cc compared to the powerful ultimates of other tanks. This limitation is partially compensated by his disruptive Terror Drones.

Instead, Sekram is an effective tank to counter poke lineups. He can counterpoke with Levitator and follow up with Tractor Beam when he hits, forcing the enemy team to immediately counter initiate on Sekram and stop the channel before their teammate gets pulled all the way into Sekram's team and destroyed. This forces the enemy team to commit to an unfavourable teamfight with their poke champions.

The Duplicator clone is not an effective weapon, but essentially gives Sekram a second life if kept out of harm's way. However, the area effect knockup from Power Coupling can be worth giving up the swap for.


"We are one. We are Many. We are Sekram"

"Process or be processed"
"The gateway will be reopened"
"We are unstoppable"
"Defeat is illogical"
"Sekram stampedes"
"The mainframe calculates"
"Proceeding towards victory"
"Coordinates received"
"Plundercat ho"
"The bionics will be subjected"
"Storm cloud computing"

"All resistance will be compressed"
"Disassembling target bionics"
"Skulls for the skull processor"
"Accepting input resources"
"Scanning for fractures"
"The Many hunt as one"
"The mainframe commands"
"Assimilate the unworthy"
"The process advances"
"Reformatting subject entities"
"This is not a drill"
"Erasing rogue unit" (vs Battlecast skins)
"Obey the mainframe" (vs Battlecast skins)

"The Many only make jokes at the expense of bionics"

"The needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the bionics"
"Battlecast inferior to battlecat" (vs Battlecast skins)

Reaching 50 arcium
"All functions online"
"Maximum Sekram"

"Our components will feed the Many"
"Finality is illogical"

Sekram does not dance, but a mixing board appears in front of him and he moves a few sliders with his paws while a Kraftwerk sample plays.


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Nice idea dude