@ Riot and Arranged Teams

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I've played this game for hundreds of hours and put hundreds of dollars into this game. I am sick and tired of you putting automated disciplinary action into the hands of new level 30 players. And not even that...there are players who make smurf accounts and arrange teams prior to level 30 and if there are 3 of them, you automatically lose. I've played tons of games and had new friends play games where they didn't play well and some premade 3-man team decided to report them/me for not playing well. Guess what....we get banned. I just sat on a 5 day suspension because I had a really bad day (lost 5 games in a row) and then suddenly I get a suspension for 5 days. FIVE DAYS for having ONE bad day. This is ridiculous. I don't understand how you can turn the punishment system over to random players except in "EXTREME" cases. Are you joking???? I've had friends banned from the game and then they quit because they were new and didn't know how to play vs. smurf accounts that all gang up on noobs.

The tribunal and the ban system will be the undoing of this game.

Loyal LoL player losing his faith