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Team World Elite on IPL5, real champion?

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It doesn't matter all the asian monkeys, we dis WE just because they're Chinese, hear the crowd and we will destroy you every time on live game!

yet TPA who won the season 2 tournament is Chinese and WE is Chinese, and there is no such thing is asians are definitely better at this game than the non-asians, so why don't you just stop being racist

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Senior Member


cant stop laughing by reading this...
Ezreal's attack speed..huehue

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Junior Member


Really dude... i know its been a long time after u wrote this **** but i still need to point out one thing:

during S2 WE vs CLG game 2, WE killed wicked's champ, and clg complained that wicked was just disconnected, WE agreed to do a kill exchange, but did not agree to start again since their secret weapon was used. But the judge required the game to be started again. This time clg banned fzzf's blitz immediately and caused the failure of WE.

U are saying WE is the one caused internet crashing, but u never know what was happening in mainland China, all the lol fans were making fun of CLG, saying Froggen can never be defeated because of his secret weapon: pull the cable out and start again.

After S2, there are literally NO CLG fans in china. Chinese players are so furious of what they did.

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Vladimir Bowie

Senior Member


Very stupid post

Let's just talk about the facts instead

1. The troll face was confirmed to be done by the lead production member, who wanted to play a joke

2. World Elite won the first game against clg.eu during Worlds championship, and took a very strong early lead in game 2 before the crashes started. If anything, the crashes hurt WE more

3. CLG.EU is a boring turtle team and OP is an idiot

WE were clearly tired by the end. If it weren't for the crashes, they'd have sweeped the tournament.