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Less than half the champions available were used/banned in IPL 5

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*I don't think any of us can really assess Syndra's power level right now. Her potential is off the charts though.

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Also worth mentioning is that 55 characters got at least one win.

There's a number of characters that have been seen RECENTLY in tournaments that didn't make it here too.
Fiddlesticks, Shaco, Akali, Nautilus, Shyvana all got played at Dreamhack
Zilean had a big presence at Dreamhack and was basically a non-factor here

It's important that people remember that certain champions are also personal favorites. Alex Ich would play Evelynn everytime and Froggen would play Anivia every time. But those two rarely get banned outside those games and rarely get played. The only thing you can really tell from this tournament is

1) Diana is very, very good but does NOT single handedly swing a game and carry a team (note her 50/50 win percentage)... she might be OP when there's a skill differential as she seemed to have a very strong win rate early in the tournament, however.

2) Lee Sin MIGHT be too good. His win percentage (83% with a decent sample size) has got to be sufficiently anomalous that Riot will review. However, again, this could be the result of simply personal preference and not necessarily player edge (a LOT of different people did win with him, however).