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Free mumble server

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Address: cf.mumble.com
Port: 4646

Free mumble server for any summoners who want to bring a 3s team or 5's team on to use it.

Its a rather large mumble server that is just used by me and friends.

You're welcome to make it your home server and if you use it enough just contact me for admin rights. Just keep to you and your friends Leaving other users to their own.

We have a DJ channel that's playing music Most of the day. Trance/House Usually But open for requests just pop a you-tube link in the channel chat to have it played.

I pay for this server And it will never go down within the foreseen years to come.

We used to use vent until we realized mumble is 1-2 seconds ahead in transmute time. Its the best vent-like program for competitive voice chat. Its On par with Skype Without the lag.