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Old season graphs sometimes get their numbers from the wrong source

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(Minor but silly bug)
This evening I felt like looking at pie charts for some reason, so I popped into my ranked stats screen and within a few clicks, ended up with this monstrosity:


I'm fairly certain nobody has that many Skarner victories, ranked or not.

1) Go to Ranked Stats in the PvP.NET client
2) Switch to the Graphs tab
3) In the Season dropdown at the upper-right, select a different season than the currently selected one.
4) Shift-click up some champions just like the blank graph screen tells you to!

What seems to be happening-
- The client is pulling numbers from the nearest thing it can find- in this case, the numbers it's using on the graph are each individual entry on Skarner's Stats tab.
- Skarner is chosen here because when I selected the champions to compare, he was the last one I clicked (Click Fiora, shift-click Skarner to select all in between)
- For some reason, NOT looking at the stats tab makes the client acquire the information that should go there, but it doesn't come with a tag that says WHAT those numbers are for. And since it's in graphing mode, it plugs in the numbers it has.
- Switching what parameter is being compared (Victories, Double Kills, Total Damage Dealt, etc.) does not actually do anything. Until you look at the Stats tab, those numbers are categorized in the wrong places.

So yeah! Silly bug that's fairly unlikely to come up like, ever. But hey, a bug it is!

Skarner skarner skarner! Skarner skarner? Skarner! Skarner, skar skar skarner.