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Looking for Gold-Plat player for our 3v3 team

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hi, my friend and i are looking for a Platinum player we will settle for a good gold player if you have all the requirements for the team.


1) Can play bottom lane 1v2 after 5min well and keep decent CS

2) Has skype for chat

3) Has time Pacific time zone (-8) or near within 5 hours and can be on approx 4pm-12am to play 1-4 ranked 3's games

4) MUST HAVE at least 5 of these champions and play well with them. Jayce, Riven, Jax, Olaf, Evelyn, Rumble, Shen, Singed, Darius, Cho'gath, shyvana, wukong, Teemo, Ezreal, and Katarina.

5) Can Play top or jungle if needed in case of team comp changes (3 decent bruiser/jungler champs required)

PM me in game or send me a friend request we would love to have you.

We have a killer strategy and written team comps approved by a diamond player that will play with us if we can get to at least platinum ranking.

We are currently at 1405 Elo with our recruits still looking for 2 more please add me if interested.

IGN: Ampiiflyz

IGTN: Practice 3s Team