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League of Legends Art Style

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hoho... were to begin... I could first and foremost ask does LoL have an art style? And with this question I ask myself if the game has a defined art style or is it just pure randomness. For one part it seems that bright colors are one of the chosen standards, as it is the cartoonish style. When this game started I wondered what do a ghostly stick, Little Red Riding Hood, a splinter cell sword assassin, Anubis and a porcupine have in common? Like seriously, what do they have in common? All are members of a League, all are capable of pertaining to such a league, and its always only one of each race/place/tribe that reaches the League. There is no other splinter cell warrior? Another armodillo? Only one is capable of each "art style"? .... Fantasy worlds are diverse, because ours have only humans as the intellingent race, with skin tones the only thing changing, subject in which I could add we are still wating the black champion. But even in fantasy worlds there are factions or races or tribes or whatever that fights and factions that don't. Not everyone is capable of fighting. Perhaps there are warriors between the Volus, but if you talk about fighting at a global scale you want the turians. So, there are many races/tribes/factions, but only a few breed the strongest warriors. You have elfs, humans, orcs and undead. And there are many warriors of them. So, you kinda feel there is an art style behind. Here every new champion is a different race/tribe or different profession or whatever. The most solid factions (and hereafter I call faction any group that have a race, tribe, profession, kingdom, reign and several of this conditions in common) are the Demacia Soldiers, that are 3, and the Kinkou Order that has Akali, Shen, Kennen and now Zed. Zed is not from the order, but its from that lore. Oh, I remembered the Shadow Isles faction, which is a mix of different beasts that no one knew where to put them. A fail faction. We have the Noxus Faction, but has to much variety to call it like that. We can say the Noxus Solider faction which includes: Katarina, Darius and... Swain. Perhaps Draven. The Scientific Faction with Jayce, Heimer, SInged, Warwick, Viktor that makes you think this world has a scientific inclination
The northern snowy faction of Tryndamere, Ashe, Sejuani, and so on. Then you have an entire faction to rammus, olaf, pantheon, diana and leona, etc. Im getting a bit off, because this is more lore stuff than art style. But you see, every new faction (nami) Riot creates, new and completely new art stlye comes out that only serves to make this game a turmoil of art, a pain to my eyes and a perfect obstacle to game and lore inmersion.
Then LoL doesn't have the cartoonish art style it used to have. Either pick Darius gory and dark style, fantasy iluminated and full of vivid colors beatiful world style or yordle style. And please don't pick the corny cute chubby yordle style. Imagine if teemo were to be released on Dota. He needed to be touch up a bit. Like making him a ferocious bloodthirsty midget with blood dripping from his jaws. And if it was Darius who was to be released? He doesn't need any style change. So, this particular game criteria of factions is race, elfs, orcs, undead and humans. And its artstlyle is dark, gory and monstrous. I could name many games and movies that feature a new universe where they have a distinct artstyle and a faction criteria.
This game has a art style, and its "we put inside our universe anything and anyone", with a hidden idea: please the majority of tastes. You may like the medieval barbarian style of Tryndamere, so you play him and like the game, but when you enter the game and see a midget with a shotgun running at your side... that, that ruin your art spectations, ruin your visual appealing. You are not engaged anymore. You should be running alongside another barbarian warrior, and fighting another barbarian warriors.
It's to late for me, I need to go. I'll keep the brainstorm (without even reading what I write) later.

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This... this makes sense. Riot, look into this- because now it's bugging me!

Oh, and TL;DR: There are no guidelines for art/Champions. It's just one big mess.