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A real unjust ban not like most of the people here

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seriously tell me what i did wrong... in all of this. i pretty much carried all those games except game number 3 where i went duo bot with a teemo and had was pretty much just fighting for farm and just depered because kat took mid which i called before her in match select.

people need to grow up

how is it deserved?

game 1 i got reported for apprently "ksing"

game 2 i got report by an enemy even though i never talked in all chat probably reported for killing him too much

game 3. the guy meant to report sivir as i never afked

game 4. comon telling a guy to never jungle again should not be ban worthy. it isn't like i was being racist or cusisng.

game 5. maybe my worst one but i still didn't cuss and it should be understandble with the team i had. and defintley should not be banworthy

the tribunal is a broken system and should be removed

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Check this out too:


Strong majority voted for: punish

I take a few minute of my time going through Tribunal in NA while waiting for my friends, and because I take time to actually read the chat log and look how the team did for each case, I really hate when someone gets punished for doing nothing wrong (at least not against the Summoner's code).

This player was indeed sucked and fed, no doubt, but it wasn't intentional. So much for "Punish bad behavior, Not poor playing". Nothing indicate that he was feeding purposely. In fact, some of his teammates even did WORSE. While he was being bashed / taunted by his allies / enemies this dude never curse nor flames. And he gets punished for poor play.

I do believe Tribunal system works, no doubt about that. However, there are a few unjustly punished cases like this. What I do believe is, there should be an APPEAL forum like TRIBUNAL, for those who wish to at least DEFEND their position / correct injustice. When I see people get punished for no reason but Riot doesn't do ANYTHING, it just breaks my heart.

Best regard, Rindri btw.

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Game 1: No one likes being ordered around by a random pubbie or being talked down to.

Evelynn [00:08:20] twice you would of been saved
Evelynn [00:08:22] if you listened to me

Elise [00:12:37] stop ****ing pinging

Evelynn [All] [00:16:55] if you listened to me elise wouldn't of had 7 deaths

Game 2: No evidence of wrongdoing in this game. This is one of the reasons why I wish Tribunal voting could do a per-report verdict so bogus reports could be expunged.

Game 3: No evidence of wrongdoing in this game. These are the times that I wish I, as a Tribunal voter, could report different players.

Game 4: Do you think putting down your teammates helps them improve and succeed? I loathe those who belittle their teammates. It's a game -- everyone is there to have a good time, but your negative attitude and verbal abuse decimates team morale and spoils the experience for the sake of your petty venting. There are many more effective ways to communicate that don't resort to belittling others; if being polite and positive doesn't work, keep calm and move on because it's just a game.

Evelynn [00:10:42] damn n oobs
Evelynn [00:10:44] noobs

Evelynn [00:11:23] neverj ungle again noc

Game 5: Same as above. It doesn't matter how bad you think your team is, verbal abuse is never justified. Rage at your screen if you have to, but never in chat. Expect that sometimes, people will play badly, for any number of reasons, and the only valid way to handle that is to do your personal best. Maybe throw out a reassurance to boost their spirit, as they're probably already feeling crappy with themselves for making a mistake. If you have advice to give, phrase it in a respectful manner. Otherwise, let it go.

Evelynn [00:10:51] wtf panth
Evelynn [00:10:52] so bad

Evelynn [All] [00:11:14] lmao terrible panth

Evelynn [00:18:48] jax is dumb

Evelynn [00:19:24] ur terrible

Although you were erroneously reported in several games, you were still legitimately toxic in others. As such, I can support the Tribunal's decision.