Young Vigilante Skins

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I wanted to take a break from drawing my champion for today. I was sitting uninspired and out of nowhere this idea hit me like a ton of bricks! I give to you
Serpentine Shen
Cosmic fire janna
Priestess of the void morgana
change o' morph udyr

I wanted to draw shen like nightwing from teen titans but the picture seemed empty (im not good at backrounds yet) so i wanted to draw another person. I thought janna would be the perfect starfire clone. then i figured morgana could represent raven and udyr beast boy! but we are missing someone... wallah pulsefire ezreal can be cyborg! The best part is you have a tank, a jungler, a mid lane, and a support/ adc bot.

So serpentine shen would be like muay thai lee sin in that he fights and stands differently. (i dont like the way shen stands it seems cumbersome to hold the swords all the time like that and awkward). But basically he would use escrima sticks

janna would just have curly long hair that is on fire at the ends

morganna just needs a hood lol

here is the real kicker change o' morph udyr. his main outfit would be a sleeveless jump suit with a red line down the side. Like beast boy he would become an animal for each stance. but not just any animal. a enemy champ. so for tiger he should be come rengar. for turtle become rammus. for bear become obviously voliber, and for phoenix he would become anivia!

let me know what you guys think!