LF 3 other people for Dark Shadow Gaming

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Sil TriggerHappy

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Hello there how is your day today my name is jacob AKA IGN XxdarkashasxX and ive been looking for a Competitive ranked team and me and my friend made one and we just need other ppl we need an jungle a adc and a top if u want to know more hit my up in game take care guys hope to work with u in the comming up season also we want to
go above and beyound u have to be able to put in the effort and work elo does not matter to me as long as ur willing to get better im not one of thoes dudes who think winging is every thing but as long as we give it effort and play as a team hope u want to join and aslo i am on team speak and skype thank you for ur time one more thing we will have alot of practice to see where every one fits good thank u add me in u have any more question