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Hi everyone, i wanted to talk about a problem i´ve had since yesterday.

Whenever i play (independently of the map i´m in or time of the day) my champion moves slowly, not like freezing; all the animations are smooth but it´s just like if it was slowmo. It´s just the movement though, when i decide to use an attack, it goes off instantly. I wont deny that sometimes it freezes and the champ fast-foward where i ordered him to go.
Because of the champion moving slowly, there´s a differrece between where i see the champ and where it actually is, resulting in me being unable to dodge any kind of attack.

The FPS and ping are normal, and i am sure it´s not a ISP problem, as i have another computer connected to the same network and i can play LoL perfectly.

I am actually playing on notebook computer with the following specs:
-Windows 7 64 bits
-Intel i5-2410M 2.30GHz
-4gb RAM
-No video card.
The lack of a video card has never been a problem, i was able to play perfectly until yesterday.

Thanks in advance and i ecourage anyone that´s suffering the same problem to speak up.