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Elo System Suggestion

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I know that this is not the right forum section to post this in but there is no forum section for feedback on the elo system so I wasn't sure where to post this. Anyway...

In my past 49 ranked games this season I have won 24 and lost 25. I have played nine 4v5s and two 3v5s and I lost them all. I have not had a single game where the afk or disconnect was on the enemy team. I believe that 4v5s are one of the major flaws of applying the elo system to a team game, however, i think it can be fixed.

I have a suggestion:
Could we improve the elo system by not counting games for the losing team that are 4 vs 5 from the start?

The player who never connected should still take the elo loss but why should the 4 players he abandoned be punished?

A large number of my ranked losses come from 4v5. In fact nearly 38% of my losses were 4v5 or 3v5 situations. I had a game where my team was 4v5 from the start and we had 20 kills to the enemies 5 kills, twenty minutes into the game. We had gotten dragon and more towers than them. Eventually the lack of numbers caught up to us and we lost. We clearly had more skill than the other team and it would have been an easy victory had we had our fifth player. Yet, we lost elo.

This is not consistent with the idea that elo is supposed to be a measurement of skill.

1. The elo system is supposed to be a measure of individual player skill level.
2. Losing a 4v5 in no way allows a fair assessment of individual skill.
3. Therefore no elo should be lost for losing a 4v5.

In order to cut down on abuse I suggest that you enact elo punishments on the player that disconnects and on their partner if they are duoed,

I think that this is a simple solution for a very obvious flaw in the system.