stuff that sux... aside from NA population attitude

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player - player chat options

friends list stuff, setting note should be easier, getting disconnected from chat, having a friend log on and it blocks the banned champions so it's not visable, ect.

store - always goes to teh same page! WTF! closes when games are available, still shows runes you already have 9 of, bad sorting options plz add better ones, show build options for champions in store along with statistics ect, fix the new icons button that always takes a split second to load and accidentally clicking it instead of the one i care about which is runes!

masteries - doesn't use them if you don't save them, need to not require animations to click them ect, every time i edit masteries it takes longer to edit them then for people to pick 5 champions and ban in ranked!

feedback system - have preset reports i'm tired of typing them out and almost wrote out premade text on a notepad++ to copy paste which is still a lot of work! people seem to not care still about getting reported since everyone spams their report buttons for any reason. threatening to report someone should be auto mute.

lolclient.exe needs to always give the option to reconnect to game when for some odd reason the game client crashes and you have to log all the way back in to start loading the game again.

during games chatrooms should have an option to auto mute to save memory space or just close while in game!

notifications - need to be redone completely please, i don't want to be notified i muted someone i didn't want to talk to. i'm aware i muted them, the notifications don't pop back up when i relaunch the client so why do i need 1/2 of them...

custom games - please give option to join from another custom game, it's too much work to close the game, wait 5 seconds for the lag, then join the other one waiting on the notification

game invite notifications - should have their own scroll bar notification list not included with adding people ect.

runes - import/export rune pages would be nice. it's kinda boring memorizing someones page and then going through the non-existant sort system to find them.

sorting page for personal runes! this would be nice, and not like that custom item build version of your sorting. that's a cluster of wtf... more along the lines of icons with the option to auto add 9/9 runes at a time on double right click or something easy to remember.

the home page for LOL, OMG never ever ever ever make the entire thing a link to a website, it has caused soo much lag when i'm clicking things fast and my computer isn't keeping up and 10 web pages pop up or i have to wait for the entire spirit guard udyr page to load up on the client! a button is fine!

server transfers - not a whole lot of people really pay attention to stuff like this but in my experience from playing world of warcraft for 7 years with hundreds of characters on a very vast amount of servers is that. when you make xfering to another server a chore then people over think it, when people actually do xfer they expect to enjoy that work. if they miss their friends then it's no longer enjoyed, if they don't like it ect. i know countless people who stopped playing games because their friends decided to change servers and they either didn't want to or didn't have the money to. large groups of people who play the game religiously just stop playing because they felt they wasted money to do a transfer.

RP system - when do we get good behavior rewards like that one time for Christmas, IP boosts are cool for like 30 min until you realize it's not really That much. is there like a converting equation or something for IP-RP? i'm curious!

summoner icons - well next your going to have achievements and then your going to have custom armor and equipable armor and then custom name banners, followed by digital booster packs for a trading card game that people can play after they dodge a match and sit bored for 30 min that they get for winning matches. these can have a very good chance to give IP, rune pages, icons, RP, LP, name changes, middle finger, server transfers, diamond player frames.ect.

in-game stuffz*

logging into a game - not everyone loads at the same second, where is the count down to start and buy items if not auto buy preset items with a keybind like counter strike source!

buy item menu - lags, it takes my computer 2-10 seconds to load the thing and then another 1-3 seconds to buy each item causing me to buy more then i wanted or having to wait to make sure i got what i needed slowing down play speed and overall experiance

shop menu icon, needs a better location then the bottom of the screen. anyone else have to hold down spacebar to click the thing?

use effect items - okay so blade of the ruined king is awesome and all, but using smart casting i noticed that there is no option(like locking and unlocking your screen) to enable/disable smart-casting, also i haven't checked but idk if there is smart casting for use items?! since that would be awesome

in-game, pre-game, post-game chat options - there needs to be more, i can't count the time i've wanted to play with someone but the first thing they say at champ select makes me want to mute them right there. why can't i have a mute command, or something to save myself the visual experience of reading their text while trying to talk to the team. not to mention wanting to just disable chat all together most of the time in ranked and normal.