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Having trouble with bugs? Try this FIRST

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So, I'm a fairly newcomer to LoL and I noticed I started having trouble around the most recent two updates to the game. By trouble, I mean my client would freeze on loading/opening, and things just generally seemed laggy. I'm running Win 7 Ultimate 32Bit. I'm also a techy by trade.

I've dealt with other MMOs and games which had various bug issues in parameters in the shortcuts and launcher icons. So, being ever inquisitive and wanting to fix my issues, I did some checking. For some reason, in the shortcut on both my machine and my sister's machine (who plays LoL more heavily than I), the Start In location under the Shortcut tab shows an incorrect and even invalid location.

By default, the location in the shortcut tab is set to "C:\Riot GamesLeague of Legends\", which if you know anything about computers or Windows pretty much does NOT exist. The fix, remarkably, is as easy as changing the Shortcut Start in location to the following: "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\". Click Apply, then OK. Then restart your LoL.

I noticed an immediate difference, and I have not had the game freeze on me since this "fix" was applied.

I STRONGLY suggest you try this fix, and post here if it helps your bugs. Maybe the LoL devs might see this and even submit a patch for it. Yay.