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[Help] Which Champion Is Right For Me ?

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His ultimate is powerful, but.. If they managed to kill you already, those 5 sec aren't exactly going to help you. There are situations when it will and he is a good champion overall, so try him out if you can.

I've played half of those champs so let me reflect a bit:
Jax is great, so its up to you. I personally find him a bit too repetitive in his play style.
Talon. Emm..How did he got on this list? He is incredibly squishy and pretty much the only way to play him is to build Glass Death Star, that is going to burst everything in its range, only to die once someone as much as looked at him. He is an assassin after all.
Haven't played Xin Zhao and Wukong so can't say anything about them.
Pantheon, in my opinion, has one of the most powerful early games out of all. He tend to fall off to the late game, unless fed like crazy, in which case there is a high possibility that there will be no "late" game.
Rengar does a better job with killing the primary targets then getting into an all out fight. His burst is heavy, but can't really be spammed enough to kill everything.

As many people stated - go with Darius. You can get penta very easily, but I doubt it will feel good since you pretty much kill steal every time you ult. If you can fight "Darius Syndrome" he is definitely a champion to go with.
Garen might be the other possible choice, but he relies on his skills too much and will become quite powerless if game takes too long. Also can't think of a possibility of a penta with him, other than just spin on them when they are low.

I have gotten a penta witch garen in a normal draft after recent buffs he's pretty awesome

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Fury Daemon:
Close Attk
Tough enough (please don't just die in 2 hit or so) to go head on with any1,(I'm the kind who just head straight to the battle) or jump right into middle of group fight and get some Pentakill :P
Not a support
Fast kill or just plain OP

The first two champions I thought of were Xin and Wu Kong.

If you're dying too quickly, then look at the items you're building.

If you're building lifesteal items, then the thing that'll kill you quickest is to stop attacking (or being too far away)

I'd suggest a frozen mallet + Maw of Malmortius (sp) on any melee bruiser.

If you're getting into their faces, they are going to target you. Period. To deal damage, you'll have to survive a few secconds of being stunned/snared/suppressed/slowed/autoattacked by the entire team

If you want to wait for your team to jump in, then you can get some items that have the "glass cannon" feel to them.