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There's probably millions of these threads in the forum, but I just wanted to add my little 2 cents to the issue. Ok SO!

the issue on afks:

It' sucks people. It really really does.

I'm approaching this from a double sided perspective.

When a leaver happens, the system takes about 5 minutes to register if they have left. As the game does, at the end you'd see a big flashy 'red' around their name, so the system is quite able to tell when someone has afk'd most times, outside of the 5 minute thing.

My suggestion, is simply to make a endgame result called "Disadvantaged loss" instead of just 'lost' and getting it added to your losing counts/ELO reduction. Perhaps similar to the 'loss forgiven' I saw once.

Because lets face it, if someone afk's there's quite a high likelyhood your going to lose. Coodoes to you if you won a 4v5, but be that as it may, you were still disadvantaged.

The only real reason I'd like this around is because the leaver just gets a leaver result to his or her account. It may come with a higher penalty, but it still doesn't count as a loss or a win because the outcome is unknown.

Theirs two reasons i'd like it, if it's at all possible, which i bet it might be with a few tweaks in the system (I don't know how to do it so it may be super complicated, and i'm sorry if i'm suggesting something that's really hard to pull off in a system):

1) Losing just doesn't feel nice, and if you get afk's frequently in a week or month or so, it just dampens you mood to play any longer, out of fear. You end up playing with bots to make you feel better or something. It's a frustrating thing, and no one likes to lose for something that isn't their fault. The winning team would still get a count of winning, because it's not fair to completely nullify their efforts, but penalizing one side directly isn't fair either. It also makes you unsympathetic towards leavers in general, which leads me to my next point

2) I've probably left a game about thrice in my gaming life, and it was because of life being mean at you in the form of people needing things urgently that are just more important than a game, or lag/bad connection. I understand that sometimes, the game just won't let you play it anymore because of whatever reason, and while some people rage quit, some people just can't manage to reconnect to the game.

All of the times I've had to leave a game once in a blue moon, i feel responsible and guilty for forcing my team into a likely surrender at 20. If the game counts me as a leaver in such an event, it would be somewhat comforting to know that no one else directly is penalized for my life problems. I think people would, as i mentioned, be slightly more sympathetic to leavers if they know or speculate the reason is out of their control and on-top of that they aren't given a big fat LOST in their record. We all get lag and DC's after all, and you'd want people to not hate you when you get the unlucky spike.

But basicly yeah, Just an idea

"Disadvantaged loss", an end result (possible in purple or blue text in the match history) that basicly counts as an uncounted loss. Doesn't increase your loss counter, doesn't reduce your elo. More of like just a place holder, and a way for Riot to say "Sorry for your loss man, we feel for you"

Thanks for reading :3