Nocturne Advice

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Hey guys, I've been playing Nocturne a lot lately, and I was just hoping to get some tips on how to improve my jungle. I guess I'm looking for some advice on team-fighting and ganking mechanics. Also, if you could critique my runes/masteries/build, that'd be cool.


Quintessences: 3 Movement Speed
Marks: 9 Attack Speed
Glyphs: 9 Scaling MR
Seals: 9 Flat Armor

Masteries: 9/21/0

Initial Jungle Route:
Wolves -> Blue Buff -> Wraiths -> Red Buff -> Wraiths -> Back/Attempt to Gank

3 Red Potions
Wriggle's Lantern
Mercury Treads/Ninja Tabi
Hex Drinker
Wit's End
Frozen Mallet

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Devious Rogue

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I may be wrong here, but Nocturne's mechanics are pretty simple. Wait till they're reasonably close with your team mates ready, Duskbringer, run to them, Shroud when you think they might cast spells on you and try to get the fear proc. Use Flash as either a closer or a chase to get within range or stay within range.

With your Ult, just make sure your team knows who you're about to gimp and make sure your target doesn't have enough space to escape (and/or you have enough HP to dive them, kill them, then run off)

In teamfights, go either for a moderately squishy victim who has been battered a bit or go straight for a squishy and hope your team mates will finish the job quickly... unless you are uber fed in which case, you can burst down their squishy by yourself and help your team with the rest.