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Protect the Relic!
Basic Concept : 5v5 map, 3 lanes that meet in the middle of the map in a large open area.
At 10 minutes, a relic spawn in the middle. After it's captured (5 second channel), a monk with 1000 health (+25/min) appears and starts moving the relic down one of the three lanes at random. The monk benefits from health regen armour and mr auras, but otherwise has no other stats than his health. The monk moves at 50 movespeed, can be affected by CC but is not affected by movespeed buffs.

To win, either capture the relic or capture the enemy's temple. Each lane has 1 turret and each temple has 2. Turrets do not fire when the monk is nearby.
The jungle contains a Cockatrice which will give the monk a 20% movespeed boost upon death regardless of which direction the monk is moving. It also gives the team that kills it 3% movespeed, 5% attackspeed, and 10 hp/mana regen.

Please reply with your opinion. Is this good/poorly designed/a bad idea?

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I like this idea, but something moving at 50 MS is getting no where an if cc is used he barely moves at all as he did before. I would like to see a map if possible.