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A couple mastery questions

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Well when I first got into League of Legends, and for about the first year of it, I would always ask my friend(s) what masteries I should use, but I've since then gotten much more independent with my masteries and formed them around how I play, but there are still a few small areas I'm curious about.

Indomitable vs Honor Guard
Indomitable: Reduces incoming damage by 1 (1/2) by 2 (2/2)
Honor Guard: Reduces damage taken by 1% (1/3) by 2% (2/3) by 3% (3/3)

Wouldn't 2/3 in honor guard (let alone 3/3) be much better than 2/2 in Indomitable?

Scout: Increases vision range of wards by 5% (1/1)

Isn't this useless? I've done independent tests and it literally only gives about one fourth of an inch extra sight

AP Carry offense tier
Wouldn't it be better to put 2 points into butcher (Basic attacks deal 2 bonus damage to minions and monsters (1/2) 4 bonus damage (2/2) and a point into Brute Force for +1 attack damage (1/3) instead of three points into Mental Force? +3 AP seems much less useful than being able to whole heartedly secure minion farming (But this is coming from a main anivia who has a ungodly slow attack speed)