Taking Short Fanfic Requests

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Hey there,
I'm having a trouble finishing some of the larger things on my plate so I want to take some short fanfic requests. Just post a character, pairing, prompt or any combination of the three and if it interests me, I'll write something for you!

You can probably expect something like this:

Blood. Smoke. Steel.

The battlefield rises to meet her, and in the embrace of blood and smoke and steel, she feels alive. She feels the power unfurl inside her and knows, knows with a certainty, that this is what she was born for. Fire surges through her veins. Shyvana screams and lunges forward. Her hands melt into claws and she digs into the ground for enough traction to throw herself into the air. And she is flying. The wind beneath her wings, the sun on her back, the smoke, the fire, the blood. She breathes in and when she breathes out, a jet of flame burns the advancing warriors to a crisp. She dives. The wind rattles between her scales as she plummets. When she touches the ground, she feels the satisfying crunch of iron and bone, and when she raises her head, she feels the scales fall from her form. In the midst of it all, a single figure of gold hoists the blue and yellow standard of Demacia high into the air and Shyvana knows the battle is won. He looks towards her, black hair windswept and face kissed with ash. The fires burn around them, across the battlefield, and cast the world a bright red.

Ah, she thinks, this is what I was born for.
And if you want some more samples, there's a bit over on my fanfiction account: http://www.fanfiction.net/~terriku

Thanks ahead of time and sorry if I pass over your request!

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Make some Gangplank centric history of more than 60k words.

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I would like some Yaoi fanfics of Twisted fate and Graves