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Trundle skin ideal: Great chef

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Just a thinking about Trundle' skin

His shape:wear a chef's hat, and white clothes, then take a saucepan.

The following content are visual effect and my thought about skill.

Q:Rabid Bite(warm the saucepan)

Trundle use his saucepan to hit his ingredients(enemy), and make his tool get warmer.

Trundle:"Before cooking, make the tool warm is important."

Visual effect:The saucepan's color will change to red from black when using this skill.

W:Contaminate(chef's field)

Trundle's cooking will make the surrounding different.

Trundle:"A great chef will make everywhere become his kitchen."

In Trundle's kitchen, he become more shrewd.(AS and MS go up)

Visual effect:the floor become a lttle white? maybe cloud of fume?

E:Pillar of Filth(cook assistance)

Trundle call his powerful assistance "URF" to make sure his ingredients can't escape.

Trundle:"I am dealing you, so don't escape from me."

Visual effect:The "URF" rise from ground, then sink with rotating.

The skill work like that the pics in below.

R:Agony(taste the favor)

Trundle taste his work make him feel good(the MR and AR go up),

and his "living work" is fear.(the MR and AR go down)

Trundle:"This is my masterpiece. My~~~~~~ masterpiece."

Visual effect:chage the effect from floating dust to smoking or spurting blood.

Sorry about my bad English and my bad drawing.

I hope the idea can make you guys happy.

Just a skin suggestion.