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@Powerstoned & Poe Tay Toes

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Have you guys seen the NFL cartoon they came out with on Nicktoons? It's called NFL red zone: Seaon of the guardians or something. The most hilarious thing I've seen.

It's about these cyborg looking guys who build robots to steal magic footballs from each of the 32 teams "to destroy the NFL and the world"

The footballs are protected by kids with magic watches and their leader is a hologram who lives in a magic portal inside the NFL Hall of Fame.

They use NFL players in it and show actual game footage at the most bizzare times with details about NFL players. In the first episode they even talked about Andre Tippett. There's even an animated Micheal Irvin in the show. With a poorly done voice over done by Micheal Irvin

Absolutely hilarious.

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sounds bad.

I imagine an animated Michael Irvin is less "animated" (i.e. "coked up&quot than in real life.

Have you seen FX's "The League"?