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How to get Free iTunes Gift cards / Amazon.

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CLG imp

Junior Member


Hi, today I am showing you how to get free Amazon Gift cards or I-Tunes Gift Cards & Even Apps.

Step 1 : Enter this Website into your safari on your iPhone / iTouch / iPad.

h t t p : / / g o o. g l / 6 H M 4 K

Step 2 : Install the package that the app requires, enter your 4 digit Pass code.
Step 3 : Click the Box with the arrow and click add to home screen for easier access.
Step 4 : Click the Get More Spins Button on the bottom left hand corner.
Step 5 : Click on an app, it will redirect you to the App store, download the app.
Step 6 : After the download has been complete, open the app for a minimum of 30 Seconds.
Step 7 : After you have downloaded and opened the app, you will get a certain Number of spins, start spinning on your slot machine.
Step 8 : After you get coins from your spins, you can redeem them for Gift Cards/Apps & More, this is a list of SOME of the rewards, obviously they're are more so have fun!

Basically repeat steps 4,5,6 to get more spins, and as a result you'll get more Coins out of it.

If there are no apps available to download refresh or wait a few hours.

You can Win 2$ , 10$, 15$, 25$, 50$ Amazon & iTunes Gift cards or big Prizes such as iPad Mini, iPod Touch or even the newest iPad.

If You use the link I provided, you’ll get 2x the amount of spins.

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I've'nt got me ground legs yet...LANDLUBBER!...