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OOC Explaining

Welcome to the Ask a Summoner thread! This is an Ask thread specifically for summoners, and if you wish to sign up to come into the rotation, see the sign up thread HERE! How your Summoner got wrapped into this will be entirely up to you and you may do a short introduction post, like I have below.

Originally I intended the list of summoners to ask, but there wasn't too many people who signed up. There'll be perpetually the same list of people unless more sign up. Also, I will be including the summoner's alignment in (parentheses) next to their name.

Summoners you can currently ask questions to:

1. Silver (Neutral)
2. Youay (Neutral)
3. Cryypter (Neutral)
4. Kuronan (Zaun/Noxus)
5. Ridley (Noxus)

The thread is officially open! You may ask questions/RP with specific certain people, or you may leave it open and direct it at all the summoners. Don't be a jerk and have fun! :3

And here is the current layout of the Ask a Summoner office:

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Spiffy Intro

The alien summoner pushed open the door which lead to a small, lobby sort of room. Near the back of this room there was set of five doors, each of them with their own special little name plate and letter slot it. Silver let out a sigh and and pushed the door with her name on it open and slipped inside. It was a very plain, office-like room with nothing more than a desk and a chair inside. Best to make herself comfortable if she's going to answer questions presented to her... And who knows what the other summoners they asked to do this. She sat down at the desk, rested her elbow against the table, and placed her face in her hand, mumbling to herself as she did.

"... I hope they're not going to bother me..."

Several hours earlier...

"... Pardon?"

Her antennae twitched several times as she sat across from the authoritative summoner. Normally when she's called in like this by the Institute is there to scold her over whatever petty rules or regulations she's broken, and she would promptly express to them that she doesn't care.... This time, however, they had a peculiar request in line. The summoner tilted his head to one side and calmly repeated his request.

"We would like you to participate with a select number of summoners to answer questions about being a summoner for the Institute of War."

Silver gave the man an odd look. The idea of having to answer questions, possibly personal ones even, from total strangers wasn't appealing to her in the slightest. She rubbed the back of her neck and looked off to one side as she replied to him.

"I... I think you're asking the wrong person for this... I sincerely doubt you want me to represent the entirety of the Institute. Quite frankly I would think you want some one a little more.... Uhm... Native?"

"We would like to portray the Institute as being open as to who we accept and train as summoners, having some one of your particular nature may appeal to those of a more... Different standing."

She shifted a bit in her chair at his comment and chose to keep her hands resting on her lap for the time being.

"In other words, you're wanting to use me to bring up the reputation of this place despite my opinions of it and who I work with daily?"

The summoner sort of shrugged his shoulders and continued.

"If that is the way you want to look at it, then yes."

At this response, Silver rolled her eyes then stood up from her chair.

"I have no interest in being used as an advertising campaign, especially for a place that doesn't stand well in my personal judgement. I recommend asking some one else."

She turned to leave the room, the summoner not seeming surprised in the least. He simply placed his fingertips together and spoke out to her before she left.

"If you were to accept our offer, we would benefit you by... Ah... Looking the other way at some of your more recent actions... Particularly pertaining to those relating with Vince Vipere."

She had her hand on the doorknob as he said this and paused mid turn. She would stare at the door for several seconds before sighing and turning back around, flopping into the chair again and covering her face with her hand.

"..... Alright... Fine.... Where do I start?"

A slight smile appeared on the summoner's face as he pushed a stack of papers towards her. She groaned at the sight of them and grabbed the first one, peering at it between the spaces between her fingers. Paperwork, she hated paperwork, and it didn't help that she had some difficulty reading Runterran common. It was going to be a verryy long day...

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Kruger VI

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Three of them walk down the hall with some caution, all soldiers, but only one a Captain, and a Summoner too. They are followed by a man in blue and purple robes. Another Summoner. Why is he here? Why is he suddenly walking with them? Jerald and Rickard, the more-serious soldier-friends of Sulvan, Captain.

The robed Summoner walks a distance of tens of feet from them, knowing that he and the other party are already aware of one-another's presence.

The group makes a turn for a hall.

The robed Summoner follows, taking the turn, and once he does, he finds himself seized and pushed into a wall by a soldier with longer hair than the majority of them. Rickard. The Summoner already knows this. The soldier with navy eyes points his longsword onto the bridge of his nose, between the eyes, and at his temple is the tip of the blonde-haired Captain's sword. 'One thrust to rule them all', the Summoner overheard an absent soldier, which made these presently-serious soldier laugh back then. He raises his hands up in a gesture that he is not here to fight.

No words, and it stayed like that for a long moment, with drops of leaking rainwater and buzzes of insects occasionally breaking the silence.

The blonde soldier, Sulvan Kruger, puts his blade down, finally letting his guard down. "What do you want?" he asks the Summoner as Jerald puts his weapon down as well, but Rickard keeps the unnamed Summoner pinned, in case he tried something funny. The Captain was never close to anyone in the Institute yet, and thus he brought along his closest friends to come with him, so he would never be so alone, but he still practices shows of his command in his company. That is, when most of this company elected to come as an honour guard, and they were all given warrants, under the command of Captain Sulvan Kruger.

"We've chosen you--" the Summoner tries to speak, but Rickard secures his grip, " be one of the Summoners to represent the Institute. It can also serve as a test of your knowledge, considering that you have not been here for longer than four moons, though unlike most of the academics back at your home country, you do not have to keep your book aw--" he is cut off by Jerald raising one fist to his face, but stops an inch before the Summoner's face when Kruger raises his hand.

"You want me to attend to strangers?" Kruger asks.

"Answer the questions of strangers, I'd like to correct." the Summoner says.

Jerald retracts his fist.

Sulvan looks down at the Summoner robes, grimacing.

"Thank you." The Summoner lets Jerald know his appreciation, "If you do not wish to don the robes, you may bring in your own clothes... or armour, I shall say it, you need not to, it is not in our rules."

Sulvan nods, but looks slightly reluctant in agreeing. "Let him go."

Rickard does.

The Summoner straightens his robes, “You may proceed to the lobby if you wish to prepare, sir, but the events begin from the morrow.”

[CENTER]Present Day[/CENTER]

Reluctant in agreeing, Sulvan marches down the halls of the Institute, and into the lobby. Whoever is in the rooms would hear his boots stomp the floor, and the bang onto the wood that opens one of the doors into the Captain's assigned office, which almost slams shut. But at least this allows for time off… and a good chance in being closer with his favoured champions, shall they turn up.

Two soldiers are now stationed at the doors, one outside, standing opposite of the door into the halls, against the wall, and looking into the lobby. Another stands on the right wall, assuming that one looks at him upon entry. They both sport the colours of Demacia on their armour and weapons, the gold and blue plates, yet they lack all insignias, showing their pledge to serving a person in the Institute. Sir Crawson stands in the halls, and Sir Tallford stands inside the lobby. Both stand with a solid stance, fists closed, arms on their sides, helms hiding their faces under shadows, and standing still. They will stay here until the other two assigned take their place.

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Dr. Youay walked down the halls to where the little lobby was. Sighing slightly he adjusted his glasses as he looked over the name plates.

"Heh, looks like they roped Silver into doing this too. Well, I suppose I better make myself comfy."

He made a motion of greeting to the gaurds as he walked over to his door and stepped inside and looked the room over.

"I miss my office in the med wing already, Oh well. I guess this is their way of getting back at me for taking all that time off to prep for the wedding and the baby."

He walked over and took a seat at the desk and dug through his coat pockets, pulling out a book he started to read as he awaited the first batch of questions.

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Silver's antennae twitched as she sensed the arrival of the other summoners. She mumbled to herself, keeping her palm firmly planted to her face.

"One... Two... Three... Gracious, why so many..."

She sat up a bit as she detected the familiar aura of the doctor entering the room.

"... Annnd Youay! Oh thank friggin goodness there's some one here I actually know!"

She pushed herself up from the desk and started to walk towards the door, thinking to say hello to her friend... Then remembered the other people that are present. She grumbled something in an alien tongue under her breath and sighed. Well, hopefully they won't be too sociable and she could sneak by. She slowly pushed open the door and peered out towards sir Tallford and noted his attire. If he were paying attention, he might notice her giving him a strange look as she slipped out into the lobby. She started to sneak her way towards Youay's door, but then paused, turning towards the two 'guards' at the door, and gestured to the one inside and in the general direction of where the other one was.

"............ Ok... This isn't going to be a daily thing, is it? I... I mean... The Institute isn't THAT paranoid...."

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(( is silver a summoner or a pony?))

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((..... Really, Unexisted? Really???

If you had bothered to actually read the first post and managed to comprehend what was written, you would notice that I am RPing my personal OC who goes by the name of Silver and is an alien.... An alien who looks nothing like a pony and is a summoner. This is something that would have been easily figured out had you A.) Read the opening of my post, or B.) Clicked on Silver's character profile which is the first one on the list of summoners as a convenient blue link, which contains a picture of what she looks like.

Yes, I post ponies in certain threads, and yes I like the show.... No, I do NOT have a pony OC that I use to RP here, nor will I ever have a pony OC that I will RP with on these boards. Please, actually take the time to read and figure out what the frig is going on instead of spewing out whatever the first thought that comes into that "brilliant" mind of yours.))

((And on a side note to whoever else might be reading this aside from the direct person being referenced above, I lurve you all and give you hugs and cookies. :3 ))

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(( gona do a subltish bump ))

Mack gets tossed into the room by his wife.

"Get yer lazy butt in there! I'm busy at the moment so you do the first round of questions."

"Did ah' ask ye... TO TOSS MY ARSE IN HERE!"

Mack is fuming at his wife who is at the doorway. Rhinoa is just leaning against the wall with her arms crossed.

"Well I married you, so I'm keeping you in check! So get in there and be the happy camper you usually are!"

She turned and left him absolutely livid.

"Ugh... Damn woman making me look like I'm damned whipped when I run the bloody inn in the bloody town of...."

He keeps grumbling to himself as he uncorks a bottle of wine and starts to down it. He has a suspicion that some of the others are judging him.


He gives the little group a glare as he proceeds to sit against the wall in the corner of the room.

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Kruger VI

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As the winged humanlike being looks at him, both soldiers turn their eyes to stare back, glimmering under the shadows of their helms which hide their faces. They do not move or respond in any other way. This happens until the Silver says her first words to them.

"We are not here to protect you." Crawson says, keeping his glaring eyes at her. He is right; they are here to protect their Captain, and friend, from anyone that looks like an assassin, but he is also wrong; he has to protect the others, too, but only if contact against Captain Kruger from their clients is possible. Sulvan is priority to them, just before the rest.

As Mack, name known by Sulvan, but forgetting what he's had to do with him, makes a little commotion, Tallford and Crawson turn their heads once, briefly, before turning it back to where they were looking; forward. They stop looking at Silver at this point, and instead looks at Mack himself. As the ginger man glares at the group, eventually meeting their Captain's eyes, the two soldier's eyes follow, and they glare back, with Sulvan himself joining in. None of the three's heads are turned, but they all just look at him fearlessly, and quietly.

"Drunk." Tallford says quietly enough for only Crawson to hear.

Crawson snickers for a second, before shaking his head at his Captain.

Sulvan follows the suggestion, turning his head, and eyes, away, and going back to whatever it is he was doing; writing back to whatever letters come for him.

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Silver let out what seemed to be a sigh of relief and rubbed the side of her face for a bit.

"Thank friggin goodness. I thought after the Institute made me sign at least ten forms to make sure I don't kill anyone they were sending dang guards on top of that, because they know I don't need some one to protect me."

She then glanced around the room, then stuck her thumb in the general direction of Sulvan, whom she can't see due to being out of the line of sight of his door.

"And since I know you don't belong to Youay, I'm assuming you go to that guy..."

She was about to add something else when Mack was tossed in the room. She cringed at the sight of him and took a step back towards her door.

"Oh geeze its y..... Erm... I mean.... Heeellloooo agaaaaiiinn...."

That guy... The one that randomly showed up at the lab on that wretched dress fitting day.... The day she was trying to purge from her memory for several reasons.

((Protip: Not everyone got the same paperwork Silver did. d= ))

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Kruger VI

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((Kruger got to sign only a couple of pages, mostly saying that he gets to spend quality time with his friends and do some answering, or both! And I had to edit my last post... I'll just note that Crawson is the guard outside, Tallford being inside!))

Kruger finally finishes with this last one with a nameless League enquirer, before he noticed Crawson glance at someone with him in the halls. The Captain-Summoner looks and tilts his head, and noticed the shadow of wings, stretching on the floor. Darkin. Darkin! He is about to yell as a great urge to draw sword comes and pushes itself up onto his back, screaming him to jump and fight. But that all stops when he looks at where the wings are based at; a woman. It's just the summoner working with him here, or at least that's what he thinks.

"We're no slaves to belong to anyone." Crawson replies, then goes on with his guard duty as if he did not hear anything else that Silver has to say.

The Captain resumes his work, but lays back on the chair this time, keeping an eye out for anyone entering.

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