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Comebacks way way way too easy.

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You weren't "heavily winning". For a counterpush to allow them to go from their base to your nexus, through the inhibs/towers, means that it was LATE game.

You need to push your advantage hard when you have it, OR push situationally (splitpush, catch a straggler, etc).

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Its not just treeline ive been in many 5v5 matches were we dominate for the first half hr and in there base 3 of my teammates die and they push all the way down to our base and win. It is so dumb how unbalanced this game is. And do not say i deserve to lost because i was playing just fine i dont control my teammates and also riot is full of retarded programmers who think late game matters the most because it doesnt matter what you do mid early game apparently

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Have at least one person put on revive. If you are "acing them all game repeatedly, but then they aced you long enough for you to lose." that means you could of won but chose not to.

Revive is somewhat awesome on TT. With the team I'm on, we take it with all three of us pretty frequently. It's saved our butts so many times similarly to what the OP described. We get aced in the base, all three revive, ace them, and take their base. In late game TT, being pushed is something you have to be very aware of. Watch those death timers. Our team is pretty low ELO, but even we know that.