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A Humble Players Guide to Ranked & League in General

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Ok, so whilst making my journey through Elo hell, finding bad and good players here and there, I was surprised how many players didn’t even know how to play League the way I learnt to play. The players I encountered all seemed to play for kills, not for objectives and ultimately winning the game. Well, they all did play to win, but they were going about it the wrong way. So here’s where I step in, here I have compiled all the tips I used to learn how to play not only League, but Ranked efficiently.

Lesson #1~ Strategize and Focus objectives
Ok, so League consists of 14 Towers/Turrets and Inhibitors/Nexus, and you need to destroy these to win. I see players not even pushing lanes when the enemy has been slaughtered, all because they want those kills kills KILLS. The way I learnt to play League was to focus on taking Objectives (Towers and Drake) as fast and efficiently as possible. Towers and Drake and all those other listed objectives grant bonus gold, which is a great help to your team. These objectives need to be focused, for, after all, champions are just obstacles, as are minions.

Lesson #2~ Map Control
Well, i’m going to start off by saying WARDS WARDS WARDS!!! Map control can turn the game around for you or your enemy, because you can catch out of position carries, and even their whole team. This proves useful, as you can quickly pick off an enemy champion, and then snag a tower as well, lots and lots of free gold. Controlling the map is something I see teams do very infrequently. The support character, should generally focus on buying wards with any extra money, and even their normal funds, in order to ward the map. This being said, Oracles Elixir is extremely helpful, for you are given the ability to take away the enemies wards and map control. Honestly though, every champion should pitch in to ward the map, even if it is just one or two wards, but only when they have extra funds.

Lesson #3~ Synergize
Learning how to play with all the other Champions of the League is something overlooked. You need to know every champs kit, simply what it does, so you can work with them to best utilize that kit. You need to know your own champions kit back to front as well, as to proper play your own champion. Knowing the teams kits may be tedious, but I’m sure players are friendly enough to tell you if you are unsure

Lesson #4~ Champion Selection
There will always be overpowered or OP champions. That is just how the game works. Make an effort to keep up to date with all of the popular bans and overpowered champion of the META game. Knowing this will aid you and your team in choosing team comps, and countering enemy champions.

Lesson #5~ Counters
Very little to say here, but most champions have an obvious counter that will absolutely dominate them in game because of their kit and strengths. There are plenty of websites that provide counter lists, and if in doubt, google them in order to get the best results out of your League Experience.

Lesson #6~ Core Builds
Well, every player should have a core build for their champions, this is because the few extra slots of inventory space are for situational items, that will inevitably counter the enemy teams strengths, or dull them at least. The core build for a champion should consist of at least 3 items, that will set you up to do well.

I am up for suggestions and lessons that have helped YOU play League better as well, and I am happy to add to this list, as it is not complete at the moment, please take everything into account and provide CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM, not that backwards as stuff that angry people provide. Thanks for reading, Adios!