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Old TT

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Frankly the only one being dramatic is you, this new map is horrible and isn't like the old one. The only thing that's the same is the fact it has 3 players and 2 lanes, otherwise it's a new map, and when I say this I'm serious, the walls are more bulky, the jungle was wrecked for those dumb altars, the spider isn't nearly as useful as the dragon or even any of the minor buffs of old TT. This map isn't a revamped TT and riot didn't give us what we wanted. I want the REAL TT to be reworked, not trashed for this crappy new that only has the 3v3 and lane in common. Like seriously after this revamp happened I found myself on DOTA 2 more often because really TT was all LoL had for me to be on more often, now all that's here is SR...

This is really a terrible argument. The old Twisted Treeline was Summoner's Rift with fewer players and lanes, but more imbalances. If you want the old TT experience get a group of friends and agree to only play in the mid and bottom lanes of SR.

This new TT reworked a lot of the dis/advantages of certain champions, changed the focuses and the pace of the game and presented us with a new map and game that is constantly flowing and changing.

The old TT was dominated by bruisers, there was no way around it. Only a select few AP carries were viable, and even fewer champs could even jungle. AD carries were almost non-existent in 90% of the compositions.

With careful route/wall creation, itemization and buff/turret placement Riot has gone to great lengths to open the fields of TT to a much larger roster. I'm still not going to AP carry Sona or Soraka but with the proper composition they're still viable. Now just about any champ can take on the top lane instead of just those with super-escapes or the tankiness to thrive.

I loved the old TT and it was shocking at first when the beta was released but after a dozen games or so I realized that it was no long SR with 3 players but a game all unto itself. The hardest part about adapting was learning the new flow of things. Team coordination is more important than ever, with no wards and a badly timed recal just to buy items and the enemy might collapse on your team and crush you 2v3 and steal your altar buff because your main dps/tank/cc'machine was just a little too far away. I can say whole-heartedly that with a team of players I can rely on, I love this TT beta more than the old TT or even SR; the flow and pacing of each game is much more to my taste.

I'm not saying this new TT is perfect. It can still be difficult to take on a team of bruisers and champions with tons of early game power can control the game from start to finish if played correctly. But Riot has taken a number of strong steps to make this a TT very worthy of our love and dedication.