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Do you think that the lores need better involvement with the game?

Yes, would be a good idea. 51 85%
Uh, yeah... Maybe... 6 10%
I don't really think so... 2 3.33%
Not really. 1 1.67%
Voters 60 .

Do us ALL a favor.

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Nerun Kynor

Junior Member


Melancholy Exile:
I'm honestly not sure what you're suggesting here. I understand that Garen is, in many ways, the iconic Demacian figure but he also isn't the only Demacian in the League. Shyvana's principle relationship is with Jarvan and her lore focuses on them, rather than involving another character who played no real part in bringing her to the Institute. This really makes about as much sense as complaining that Lux didn't appear in her background.

Shyvana and Garen don't exactly see eye-to-eye anyway. To quote RiotRunaan:

"Garen ... finds Shyvana to lack the principles that truly make a Demacian warrior. He values discipline and self-control, and in his mind, Shyvana exemplifies none of this. He'll fight beside her, but he may disapprove of her methods".

Trydamere's lore, in the utterly literal sense, has absolutely nothing to do with his marriage. Said marriage though was born, in no small part, because both parties desired the protection and stability offered by becoming an Institute protectorate. Their union served to legitimise Freljord on the political stage and paid dividends for both of them. I'm honestly not sure what the "problem" is here.

Anivia is a spirit of elemental balance and most certainly does negotiate with others. You're really just forcing your own ideas about who the character should be, rather than actually using the information Riot has given us.

Of course Sejuani has great synergy with Ashe: They're both descendants of the same bloodline. If I was being particularly generous, and I really don't feel this way, I'd even suggest that you could take that as an element of satire about how well the two of them could work together, if only they would put aside their quarrel.

As for Volibear, we have no idea how many ursine there are, how well matched they would be in any actual war or what the prophesy he saw was pertaining to. Again, you're just saying "This should work this way" without any regard for the way the developers have chosen to play their hand. Why would they want to take over Freljord?

If you want to approach this from an utterly lore-friendly angle: That'd be the summoner's fault, wouldn't it?

I'm also not sure what your point is here. Combat in the League is far from a truly fair fight and features characters with a huge range of esoteric skills and disciplines. Why would a mere master swordsman, of only one city-state, be anything exceptional?

I think that the OP meant that we don't see much interaction between the lore and the actual characters?

Yeah, I agree he's being too ragy, but he does have a point, maybe reformulate the post?

Also, It's from the fact that we lack few pieces of info that we may go conspiring within our minds, Volibear could be the exact case: Nobody knows how large or small is his group.

@OP = fix w/e you're trying to say, and try to be more clear with your words, maybe? Somehow, the rage factor is overlaping everything else on your words.

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Senior Member


Anivia has always negotiated, so she continues to do so in her new world. She was summoned there to try to bring stability to a war torn world and she takes to her given task quite well.

Volibear: foresaw a war that destroyed his people. Why would he throw himself into a war right after seeing that? Ursine are also rare creatures, rarely seen among humans at least. So few numbers and a prophecy of potential doom might discourage a war. To take additional measures, an alliance with Ashe might lead to less people wanting to pick on the Ursine.

Also, this is a game. If the lore fit 100% with the game, then Syndra would either be permabanned or just **** rapeing everyone as she is arguably one of the most powerful mages in the world.

There has to be balance in the game. That's why I hate the Rengar and Khazix thing. It takes away that semblance of balance...though Rengar owns Khazix all day everyday imo. Vayne should be able to double damage to Nocturne as well, but that would RUIN Nocturne. You should not build a game that makes lore have that big of an impact. The hidden passives that give a point in something, fine. Anything else...takes away from the game.

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Ace The Black

Junior Member


The idea that there needs to be more lore involvement is plausible, but I feel like you're asking for something entirely different. From what I gather, you want lore pairings based on synergy rather than faction. In the case of a game with a deep lore, World of Warcraft, Would you want Thrall and Varian Wrynn to form a permanent alliance simply because they did so against the Lich King? That would overwrite years of backstory. It would be the same for LoL, although on a much, much smaller scale.

Some champions have good reasons for being rivals, REGARDLESS of synergy. Also, if lore had to be tied to how all of the champions operate, the game itself would have tons of useless champs. Several ults would be removed, for not fitting lore. For example, Poppy's ult would have to make it to where nobody could touch her because of diplomatic immunity. Nautilus' ult wouldn't exist, because there's no water on land, Miss Fortune would have to stop to reload her pistols ALL THE TIME, and Gangplank's ship would either be horrifically inaccurate, or would be unable to fire so far into land with simple cannons.

I agree that lore needs to play more into the game, but I don't agree with how you wanted implemented.

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oh boy

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Brian Wildblade:
Seriously, the lore of a champion isn't a piece of text, it's an ARTWORK.

If you're going to try and waste the time of those of us who actually care about it and actually read some HUGE pieces of **** every now and then, don't.

I think that I speak for many when I say that the last lores have been incredibly downgrading.

Zed's involvement with Shen is so minimal that it's not even funny. Besides, Why would you just slap a sudden ninja who's gotten rid of Shen's master like that? Just seriously think of a better way to put him into the League.

This leads me to my first problem: THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN RANDOM ENTRIES.

If you're going to tie characters around, at least make sure that they work well with each other, because there two friendly lores which get me on my nerves whenever I think about them: Singed and Warwick - They have NO SYNERGY other than their lockdown with Fling + Infinite Duress, even if it's interesting, why would Singed and warwick even work like that in actual Runeterra? Next one: Shyvana and Garen - If the two *******s are loyal to Demacia, I want to know why (in the name of god) their lores don't have ANY SORT OF RELATIONSHIP. Ingame, they work sort of nicely because of the several types of initiation you can come up with, but their lore NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.

Ashe always was a champion I had trouble with, because her own lore is perfect, but ANYONE who's linked with her seems to have a problem:
Tryndamere - "I like Ashe's ideals... I'll just marry her" Nuff said.
Anivia - "I like Ashe's ideals... I'll just help her" Anivia is lost on a new world, but that doesn't matter, she's a Phoenix, she doesn't negotiate, she rules where she wants.
Sejuani - "Ashe has to be joking with that peace stuff, I'll fight her" When this ***** has the best Synergy with Ashe ingame, you just can't be serious.
Volibear - "I have to protect my species, war won't help, Ashe is right, I'll help her" Holy mother of god. HE IS A BEAR IN ARMOR, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, IF HIS WHOLE RACE WANTED TO THEY'D TAKE OVER FREJLORD!!!!

Another problem that I have is that somehow, the characters may or may not have their lore inserted into their skills:

Fizz's E = Playful / Trickster

Fits the lore! This one made my quite happy because it was good material, besides, playing Fizz means you have to be the nasty type of person, play pranks with you shark and all.

Amumu = Tantrum

Who said that he was a spoiled 3 years old kid?

Talon = Rake

Fits perfectly, nuff said. This skill makes an allusion to his name as well as to it's flow, which reminds me of his judgement, in which he moved past the league's emissaries in the blink of an eye.

Riven = Blade of the Exile.

The only skill that has a perfect impact if you ask me. It both creates the allusion of what is her reality as well as bringing a steroid that matches the skill's name. THIS IS a great way to make the gameplay reflect the character.

Jarvan IV = Demacian Standart

God, why do you have to be SO ROYAL-BLOODED!!! Holy christ, this is such a bad way to insert the gameplay into lore, man... What's worse, you can't even slap that thing down as an enemy.


Fair enough, if you think that the lores are fine the way they are, feel free to flame me, but it's my personal belief that Riot hasn't focused their job on such a crucial part of the game: it's story.

Amumu was originally supposed to be a little boy and not a grown yordle. He was changed because some felt the sad little boy would be too depressing or something. So tantrum fits perfectly with that.

I'm not sure what tho problems with those surrounding Ashe are either. It seems you are just upset they act in a way different from what you would have them do. If there's more to it than that, please fill me in.