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(looking for a red :3) Ideas to get RP

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Mid Is A Feeder

Senior Member


My champ toget/try list:
Syndra - 975 - 6300
Zyra - 975 - 6300
Urgot - 975 - 3150
Nidalee - 975 - 3150
Mordekaiser - 975 - 3150
Fizz - 975 - 6300
Heimerdinger - 975 - 3150
Graves - 975 - 6300

format is name - RP price - IP price

Anyone have any ideas to reach these goals? I was thinking donations, and when I got enough I would record gameplay and upload it.. But idk. I've spent $50+ on league already, and I spend almost all day on it. Even to try these champs once would be epic.

Idk, maybe I could get the donations, then buy the champ with RP and upload champ gameplay?

I would just like to try these champs, I dont have a sob story or anything to go by, just that im a dedicated player and i've spent a lot already and looking for more.

Would people actually be intrested in the donations to champ video (with commentary and gameplay?)

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worst adc ever



play more games, obtain ip and rp, buy them.

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Chaos Vengeance

Senior Member


Buying champions with RP is a tremendous waste of money. If you do spend the whole day on the game, you should certainly get enough IP for a few champions.