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ashe or akali

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Akali on the other hand is an assasin, and can kill squishies, with the right item build, in seconds. But she is fairly squishy herself, and lacks a good escape mechanic. She is also melee, which makes last hitting harder.

One of the things that makes Akali so hard to play is that her escape mechanism isnt straight forward. But if you use Twilight Shroud properly she can escape from almost any situation.

WW doesnt ruin games, considering you have the proper team for a jungler. Im tired of people jungling when the team does not have 2 good solos to support it. The solo lane will be underleveled and the tower will be destroyed. Dont jungle until you see that you have a Mord or Ashe or someone else that can handle it.

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I personally play Akali a lot. Akali does suffer from farming difficulties in the beginning, and you will be very squishy if you don't play carefully. On the other hand, I find leaping on someone who thought they could take you and destroying their health bar incredibly satisfying. Akali is difficult, but Ive gotten most of my kills with her.Ashe seems to be easier to pick up to me, but Akali can be insanely fun when mastered.