(Charcter Concept) Lance Hunter from the darkness

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This is my idea for a new champion
His name is Lance/ Hunter from the darkness
And as he is the son of Draven (adopted him)
Type: Bot ADC
Place of Birth: Noxus
Two pistols (similar to MF's)
two blades (mix between Draven spinning axes and Sivirs boomerang)
Rifle (similar too Caitlyn’s)
Passive: Stack of payne: each time Payne lands a basic attack Pierce points stack, (max stack 5) his next basic attack will do Increased damage and decrease the magic resistance of the target of the champion/minion he hits (after the 5th stack)
Silver Bullet: Lance’s next basic attack deals bonus damage and armour penetration to a selected target.
Zip line: Vance shoots out of zip line to the selected target and pulls Vance to the selected target after reaching his target he kicks his target slowing them for 2 seconds (or more)
Blades of salvation: Vance shots out two spinning disks from his gloves that separate into small disks dealing physical damage to whatever the disks hit and causing 1 stack of Stacks of pain
Vance pulls out his rifle and jumps in the air, shooting an explosive bullet and the ground causing a A.O.E knock-up. The shell deals 160 physical damage too whoever is knocked up from the explosive shell.

Health 359 (+83) Attack damage 50 (+3.25)
Health regen. 4.5 (+0.55) Attack speed 0.658 (+3.1%)
Mana 173 (+27) Armour 9.3 (+3.4)
Mana regen. 6.3 (+0.4) Magic res. 30
Range 550 Mov. speed 305

“As deadly as an axe and as Silent as a Shadow” Draven
Born in Noxus into mother who was Demacian and a Noxian Father. His mother and father would go to meet each other regularly in different locations. One night when they went to meet Vance’s father left him with his uncle, His mother and father went to meet each other but what they didn’t know was that they were being followed by a pack of Demacian soldiers. Vance’s mother and father ran from the Demacian soldiers, they ran for 2 days straight with the Demacians still following them. They had nowhere where to hide except the shadow isles. When they thought they were safe they hid in a cave only to be the cave of Vilemaw. The Demacians found the bodies of the Father and Mother just as they wear leaving Draven and some Noxian soldiers. Draven knew Lances father who was a soldier from Noxus and knew about his son Lance. When Draven returned to Noxus he informed Lance about his Father’s death. Draven took Lance in as his own son; Lance was introduced to Warwick who trained him to be a hunter. Lance grew up into a strong, Hunter of the darkness. Any monster to encounter Lance is found Decimated with Deadly firepower, Any Demacian to encounter lance is killed swiftly and brutally. Even though Lance is still young he is still a deadly enemy to face.

Please take time there is still lots more to do for this charcter but this is just the general idea of him.