Character Concept: Ulrich- The Dreadbringer

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Ulrich – The Dreadbringer

LORE: He too watched as his barbarian tribe was slaughtered by the Noxus assassins. The scared child he was, he tried to flee down the slopes of the mountains and into the trees, but they followed. Ulrich’s clumsy young legs failed him as he tripped over something he did not see on the ground and it sent him rolling down the sloped mountainside, to crash-land in a small clearing. He stood, the fresh gashes on his body burning and through his tears he found he was standing next to an ancient grave, covered in strange markings. But he had no time to ponder their implications. The Noxus came for him, still.
Only then did Ulrich come to realize his doom, for he had fallen into a clearing surrounded not by trees, but walls of rock. The only way out was back the way he had come, back towards the approaching assassins. There was no escape, but he was STILL a proud barbarian child, and he would not go down without a fight. Ulrich closed his eyes for a moment and prayed to his god for strength, but it was not his god whose voice echoed in the back of his mind, “FREE ME!... FEED MY POWER!... KILL THEM!” Ulrich opened his eyes, stunned by the sheer force of the voice, but he did not have time to even so much as contemplate the now purple glow of the markings on the grave behind him…
He accepted the mysterious offer, and the Noxus found him. The markings glowed ever brighter and Ulrich’s eyes took on the same purple glow as he roared in the immense pain that had suddenly overtaken him. He clutched his head, screaming, and just as the Noxus closed in, Ulrich stood and urged the power away from his body, trying to be rid of the pain, but to no avail. He kept pushing, not knowing what else to do, but wanting the pain to end.
It was then that he realized the assassins, all of them, had dropped to their knees, practically crushing their own skulls between their own two hands, howling with pain and fear. The whispers echoed in Ulrich’s mind, urging him on, and he watched as the last of the Noxus assassins life vanished from his eyes.
Knowing the fate of the rest of his tribe, Ulrich had no choice but to find a new path, a new way of life. But the voices were strong, hungry for death, and he found that he, too, craved the use of his power. As time passed, he sought out and killed every warrior he could find, feeding on their life essence, but none seemed an equal match for his ever growing rage and the voices within. He longed for the day he would meet another warrior to match his might, a warrior such as his oldest friend whom he’d thought slain by the assassins those years ago. But the voices heard his thoughts, NEEDING to feed on this opponent of which Ulrich named, and in his head he heard them, “Join the League of Legend. There you will find your friend. Your rival… Tryndamere…”

ROLE: Support, Melee
Attack power: high
Defense power: low-mid
Ability power: mid
Difficulty: mid-high


PASSIVE: Pleasure In Pain- Ulrich stacks battle fury with each basic attack. If he activates an aura with a full bar of fury he gains an added effect to the activated aura.
Aura of Fear- silences enemies within Ulrich’s aura for 3 seconds.
Aura of Pain- heals Ulrich for 20% of the damage dealt by the aura for its duration.
Aura of Might- negate any status changes to Ulrich and his allies within the aura upon cast (still uses full bar of furry)
Vengeance - All bonus effects are applied at the same time, but for their usual durations.

Q: Aura of Fear- Reduces the movement speed of enemies within the aura by 30%. (Only one aura can be used at a time. Using another aura will cancel the currently active aura). Lasts for 4 seconds, cooldown 10 seconds

W: Aura of Pain- Deals constant damage over time to all enemies within the aura. (Only one aura can be used at a time. Using another aura will cancel the currently active aura). Lasts for 6 seconds, cooldown 12 seconds

E: Aura of Might- Increase the attack damage of allies within the aura by 30% and their crit chance by 15%. (Only one aura can be used at a time. Using another aura will cancel the currently active aura). Lasts for 5 seconds, cooldown 12 seconds

R: Vengeance - All of Ulrich’s spells that are not on cooldown are activated at the same time for their full durations.