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Fiora's Bruce Lee AP build

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Came up with this quickly over lunch. First build I post here. Care to assess its efficiency? Hope I didn't waste precious lunchtime over this!

Some calculations could be off, but I think overall it's fairly accurate.

Lack of Armor Pen. and Magic Pen. could hurt, though.

Let me know what you think!


Boots (NT or MT are classics, BG or IBoL are interesting options), 2X Doran’s Blade (which you sell eventually, f'course), Wriggle’s Lantern (for armor and life steal = sustain), Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Hextech Gunblade, Nashor’s Tooth, The Black Cleaver.

Could take Ionian Boots instead, for CDR.

Damage is increased by 153. Not bad. At lvl 18, you got 298 total (if my calculations are correct).

Att. Speed is increased by 80 % (Wriggle’s and Nashor), plus the passive from Guinsoo, up to 32 % (total of 112%). Couple that with her E and you have Bruce Lee. With a rapier. If you add Berzerker’s Greaves (25%) to this, whoa. Let’s say all of this with BerzG, and a maxed E : 105% + 120% (+GR’s 32%) = 225% AS (257% w/ GR). Not too shabby. She could draw those Teemo faces in the air in no time.

This, with the Ability Power from itemization (+145), also capitalizes on using Riposte as an alternate “attack” mechanism, if used well. Riposte can now hit for 440 damage at lvl 5 every 3.6 seconds (if you’ve taken Ionian boots - see below). Not bad, I think. Though at higher lvls, 3.6 seconds can mean death, in a lot of situations, a ranged ADC trying to kite you would NOT like the retaliation, setting you up for a nice lunge and finish.

Cooldown is reduced by 40% with boots and Nashor’s Tooth, which brings Riposte's CD down to 3.6 seconds. 25 % just with Nashor’s, CD down to 4.5 seconds.