Late Night Ranked Team

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Are you a night owl? Tired of not having other teammates online late at night until early morning? Need a group of organized players to help get your rating up? Then look no further. I am forming a new team made up of players who have schedules that only allow them to play late at night until early morning.

While there is no minimum elo requirement to join this team, there is an expectation that you play well and can at least follow instructions. This team is organized and continually looking to improve. Our team will use both a rented Ventrillo server to communicate and webpage to schedule matches. So be warned, if you want on this team, you must not be shy and must be active.

So what does it take to get on the team?

1. Ventrillo client and headset.
2. You must be on LoL consistently. No weekend warriors or people who hop on during their lunch break. If you cannot put in at least 4-5 hours a day, don't bother applying.
3. Must be able to play at least three positions and be good with at least 3 champs for position
4. Knowledge of general ranked play and common strategies.
5. Must be able to play late at night until early morning. This team will make efforts to do matches at different times, but a MAJORITY of matches will be played from approximately 10:00 pm-5:00 am Eastern Time. If you cannot do these times consistently, DO NOT apply.

I will be adding people to the team starting immediately so be on the lookout for an invite. The team will start off by playing unranked matches and as positions become established, the ranked games will begin. If you're interested, please post your LoL username, preferred position and a link to your toon from the following site