Elo Curve Rising?

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Alright, a while ago I made a post on here asking how to carry. I compiled a list as well as a counterpick list. I eventually made it to like 1350's and kept it their consistently (note this was almost a week ago). Now, after 10 placement matches; I have 900 elo. I've played almost every day and my mechanics aren't really getting any sloppier... perhaps I'm not improving as much, but really I feel like the "elo hell" wasn't what it was yesterday; you can't exploit player mistakes as near as much. Warding is actually commonplace!

In a 950 elo game; I actually saw.... taking objectives. I actually saw... cooperation. I'll be the first to admit my flaws, but I just don't know if I can keep up with the modern elo system; it's getting too competitive.

If anyone has any tips; they would be greatly appreciated. I could use a coach or an analysis of my games if anyone wants to watch (I might be able to upload tomorrow).

Anyways, cheers