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Who do yo want to see for the next LoL Lore Match?

Zaun vs Piltover 4 36.36%
Void vs Shadow Isles 3 27.27%
Demacia vs Noxus 4 36.36%
Voters 11 .

The next Lore Match

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What should it be? The last one we all know was the rematch of Ionia and Noxus. So who do you want to see duke it out? I personally would like to see Zaun vs Piltover. To see which city-state has the greater technology. Would be extremely interesting. Then there's the extremely unlikely but would be really cool: the Void vs Shadow Isles. And of course Demacia vs Noxus. Or unless Riot wants to throw in a lore twist with the next champon they release, they could make bad blood between Demacia and Ionia. Or maybe try to get Bandle City involved somehow with the Zaun and Piltover match-up. But who would you guys want to see?