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Fiddlestick's Lullaby

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Scratch, scratch dear summoner,
I am waiting at your door.
It was you who called me after all,
it's no surprise I want more.

Clack, Clack my master,
why do you ignore my invitations,
The darkness is so very alluring,
give in to all your perverse predations.

Watch, Watch my friend,
as I scurry across into your sight.
You should not have forgotten me,
I hunt your champion in every fight.

Tap, Tap my prey,
come to the window's side,
climb out from beneath your covers,
allow me to reward your foolish pride.

Caw, Caw my new toy,
the quiet invites the crow's calls,
do not leave me waiting too long,
Once again blood will splatter the league's halls.

Thud, thud my victim,
Yorick allows your final reprieve from me.
Abandoning your champion had been foolish,
I'll find a new dear summoner in season three.